Rodjun Cruz and Lina Basas are the U can Dance version 2 Grand Winners

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Celebrity pair Rodjun Cruz and Lina Basas were the Grand Winners of ABS-CBN’s Dance Show, U Can Dance Version 2.

Rodjun Cruz and Lina Basas

Last Saturday night’s competition was divided into two parts where the six contenders (Gem Ramos, Michelle Murenech, Princess Ryan, Tim Espinosa, Rodjun Cruz, and Saicy Aguila) executed their individual numbers of their own choice. Three were eliminated including Gem, Michelle and Saicy. With that, Rodjun, Princess and Tim advanced to the next face-off where they were asked to deliver three types of Latin dance in one impromptu performance.The judges (Governor Vilma Santos, Cherie Gil, Chit Guerrero, resident judges Jhong Hilario and Maribeth Bichara) unanimously agree that Rodjun and Lina both have the heart, the connection, energy, precision and the moves that the whole jury were looking for.

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2 comments on “Rodjun Cruz and Lina Basas are the U can Dance version 2 Grand Winners
  1. ♪ dinzen ♪ says:

    ö i really dont understand people who judge your show without even knowing it first.
    i am really happy whenever i watch LIPGLOSS!!
    its like me and my friends…
    and also, my friends and i can really relate on this show!!


    more powers to lipgloss!!
    i just wish nA sana EVERYDAY na lipglos!!

  2. Manilyn says:

    I was thinking that Gem, Saicy and Rodjun would advance for the next face-off.. But in fairness Rodjun and Lina deserve to be the winner.

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