Rodjun Cruz and Lina Basas – U can Dance version 2

The theme was cha-cha, and third up were Rodjun Cruz and partner Lina Basas.

Celebrity judges

Jhong Hilario: “kailangan precise”
Maribeth Bichara: “I guess, next time kaya na ni Rodjun magdala mag-isa”
Dina Bonnevie: “nakyutan ako because you both had fun”

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12 comments on “Rodjun Cruz and Lina Basas – U can Dance version 2
  1. jane says:

    i… rodjun cruz he is so handsome and a cute guy,….. ang galing mo ding sumayaw i like it!! i hope mag kita tayo presonally i will support u!!!! & keep up the good work….i love u,,,,,,

  2. ronnel patrick says:

    dance ur way to the finals idol! i will make sure all my votes are just for you!!!!

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