Rufa (Ruffa) Mae Quinto: Maxim Philippines July 2007 Cover Girl

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Comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto is on the cover of the 1st anniversary issue of Maxim this July.


She just celebrated her 27th birthday last May 28 and what a way to celebrate it by posing for the cameras of Maxim.

Some personal tidbits (from celebrity profile)

Name: Rufa Mae Quinto
Nickname: P-Chi
Birthday: May 28, 1980
Birth Place:
Showbiz Anniversary: November 30

Food: Lahat favorite ko.
Ice cream flavor: Macadamia Chocolate
Book: Magazine lang (Fashion)
Pet: Fish
Song: R & B, Hiphop, Pop
Movie: Booba, Super B at Masikip sa Dibdib
TV Show: Bubble Gang, Idol Ko si Kap, Marinara at S.O.P
Cartoon: Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast
Actor: Brad Pitt
Actress: Jennifer Aniston
Band/Artist: K and the Boxers
Gimmick Place: Badminton Court
Resto: Japanese Resto
Expression: Todo na ‘to!
Dogs or Cats? Cats
Morning, Noon or Night? Night
Morena, Meztiza or Chinita? Meztiza
Baguio or Boracay? Boracay
Rainy or Sunny? Rainy
Brewed coffee or a Frappe? Brewed Coffee
Drama or Comedy? Comedy

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10 comments on “Rufa (Ruffa) Mae Quinto: Maxim Philippines July 2007 Cover Girl
  1. aliyah jacob says:

    hi rufa mae quinto ang ganda mo talaga bagay ka talagang maging cover gurl……..good luck….more power to you……………smile

  2. wow says:

    ruffa mae sex tayo tara kanaan tayo sa kwarto mo. don sa apakaganda mong bahay

  3. sexyrexy says:


  4. michelle says:

    hi ruffa ur the best talaga

  5. krista says:

    hey aivi if you want i can recommend ruffa maes impersonateor.. just like her…

  6. Aivi says:

    Can you help us contact Ruffa Mae Quinto, a client of ours require her talent. We are an Advertising Agency…

  7. heart says:


  8. sweety says:

    …ok lang my “K”naman c ruffa maging cover girl eh kya
    i think theres no problem about dat…….

  9. michelle says:

    sana sa august issue si nikki gil o kaya si iya villana naman ang covergirl

  10. luigi says:

    Beautiful Ruffa Mae!

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