Ryan Cayabyab is the new headmaster of Pinoy Dream Academy

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The maestro Ryan Cayabyab will be the new headmaster of Pinoy Dream Academy, now on its second season.

He replaces APO member Jim Paredes and it’s a homecoming of sorts for him. “Ryan, Ryan Musikahan” was aired by ABS-CBN in the late 1980s through the early ‘90s. Prior to this gig, he was a judge on the first season of Philippine Idol.

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13 comments on “Ryan Cayabyab is the new headmaster of Pinoy Dream Academy
  1. emily says:

    Hay Mr C….. ok ba na si laarni ang nanalo? halatado kasi kayong mga jurors na ayaw sa kanya eh….

  2. laarnians says:

    Many contoversy arises in accordance to the said favoritism of Pinoy Dream Academy Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab. In one instance, during her twelfth gala performance night, Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab was not clapping his hands[40] after Laarni has sung her rendition of a native song, Waray-waray, when in fact, the other mentors are clapping. National radio has also written an article about a said persecution of her co-scholars.[41]The radio article even said

    “ The mentors led by head master Ryan Cayabyab came up with a plan that appears to be designed to eliminate Laarni from the contest. They pitted all the contestants in a one on one dual singing competition with the loser automatically being placed on probation and up for elimination from the show. Laarni was assigned to compete against Liezel who was selected as the best talent on the show three weeks in a row. The mentors chose the songs they were to sing. Liezel was given a popular hit song that complimented her voice and viewers could relate to. Laarni was given a song that was complex and not popular. [42] ”

    The article went on saying

    “ TThe producers of the show appear to be salivating and foaming at the mouth as the tension in the house intensified which primarily emanated from five of the six member 18-year-old group. And who was to blame? Laarni…. the girl with the strongest voice of all 16 contestants who have been on the show. A girl whom the 18-year-olds despised and tried to rid themselves of. A girl who cracked from the tension and is a candidate for being victim number four to fall by the wayside of another dropout of this ridiculous show from stress. All of this negativity is towards a young girl who loves to ….. SING.[43]
    With Laarni the said they wanted to challenge her (translation – put her in a tough spot to force her out of the competition). They assigned her Bohemian Rhapsody sung by Freddie Mercury of Queen which is one of the most difficult songs anyone could sing. Mercury and American Idol’s Michael Johns are the only singers that I’ve ever herd do justice to the song and Mercury is dead. It’s a song that is so difficult that if you had the choice you would pass. Laarni didn’t have that choice. It was as if the mentors were trying to kill off Laarni.[44]

    The mentors have given Liezel and Bugoy commercial songs that enhance the commercial side of their talent while they assign Laarni songs that are more about challenging her and trying to expose her weakness rather than display her strong commercial talent. Her rendition of Natural Woman is exactly they type of song that shows her true commercial strength, songs that the viewing audience can relate to. The mentors choice of Bohemian Rhapsody for her resulted in Laarni being in the bottom four. By miraculous divine intervention apparently given their guilt they saved Laarni from viewer voting which she overwhelmingly won the previous week

  3. ruel says:

    hmmmmm the way ryan is behaving and his kin in PDA they deserved to be replaced by eople who are objective and careful about their decisions/selections . How I wish he is back in PI. PI talaga

  4. John Doe says:


  5. ek says:

    oist pretty angel; you wih; heheherrrr

  6. PRETTYANGEL says:


  7. czarina says:

    sana si ryan.. host na rin cya!! haiz..

  8. czarina says:

    ang swerte ng PDA season 2.. biro mo un ryan cayabyab.. ang head master.. hehehe!! panunuorin q i2..!!

  9. Bigotilyo says:

    Eversince naman kapamilya na talaga si Ryan cayabyab… kaya wag taung magtaka kung ayaw nya sa kanguso kahit pa lumipat na ang PI din.

  10. Gloria says:

    i’m sure, mas sikat pa din ang 2nd winner na si Makisig Morales of little big star compared sa mananalo sa phil. idol 2…hahaha!!!

  11. Gloria says:

    di ba nga sa kanguso station na ang Phil Idol 2….

    simple reason: di nya feel maging kanguso…..

  12. marky says:

    tama lang yan/// wala naman kasing sumikat sa PI eh

  13. papa bear says:

    Oh my, this means Ryan Cayabyab will not be back for Philippine Idol.

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