Sandara Park: UNO Mag Cover Girl

Sandara Park - Uno Magazine

Yep she’s on the cover of the July-August 2006 issue all right. Sandara’s too young not to mention too skinny to pose for UNO. She looked sick. What the hell were they thinking? FHM on the other hand went with Pops Fernandez whose pictorial looked a little better than Sandy’s.

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  • Alvie Nazareno

    dara wag kang mag magpapa apekto sa mga taong mapanlait sbi nga nla khit wala kang gingwa s knila naiinis sila sayo ang ibig sabihin lang nila ay insecure lang sila diba kaya go!go!go! lang ha basta marami pa rin ang humahanga sayo tulad ko kesa s  mga insecure n ayaw sayo we love you

  • Jurevz

    We are all free to post our comments and compliments here but we should understand and we should not judge people with the way they look, besides we really know that sandy is really beautiful even if we call her thin… if she becomes more famous with this then we should respect her choice.. you should not be judgmental..don’t be jealous and insecure….. get’s niyo????/

  • jam lee hyung

    she’s very famous now.beh

  • http://malabanbinanlaguna rhianna lyn

    hi poh

  • Natália

    At least she doesn’t have cellulite and doesn’t put on weight and after needs to lose quickly frequently
    (like most of the western famous women.) and (this is for every one that was critcizing her specially Gracia) beeing skinny for orientals is beautiful because it’s a millenar tradicion and it’s equivalent to be a healthy woman.
    So what is beautiful for western people can be ungly to orientals and it’s the same for their type of beauty.
    A pretty hot woman here is considerated a fat woman there.
    So we can’t say she should’t do it because she’s so skinny because for other people she’s is pretty and if you do it with her why don’t you say this sort of things about Kim Kardashian? She’s a little bit over weight and she has got cellulite (I’m not saying that she shouldn’t pose to these kind of magazines).