Sarah Geronimo to sing National Anthem in Pacquiao-Morales 3

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Pop princess Sarah Geronimo will sing our national anthem (Lupang Hinirang) in the Pacquaio-Morales 3 Grand Finale fight. Manny personally chose Sarah after he was impressed with the young singer when she sang in the Pacquiao-Larios fight. Sarah joins the ranks of world class singers such as Lani Misalucha, Jen Bautista, and Bituin Escalante who sang during Manny’s fights in the US.

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17 comments on “Sarah Geronimo to sing National Anthem in Pacquiao-Morales 3
  1. pauline says:

    galing ng idol ko bgay dn kayo ni gereld sna kayo nlng mg ka2luyan

  2. pauline says:

    huy milo kung wla ka masabi maganda mana himik ka mg sama kayo ni cristine reyes pareho cheap lol……………………..

  3. kc says:

    for you milo!!ur just envy to my idol sarah,,dont envy ok because you have ur own commecial the “MILO”cereal drink,,..HAHAHA,,,……BLEEEEEEEHHHHHHH

  4. kc says:

    to those who commented negatively of my idol sarah geronimo the only thing i can say is “DON’T ENVY”.you dont have the talent to sing thats why you comments is all about negative!!!!!!

  5. kelly says:

    Grabe si Sarah pa rin ang pinakamakabagbagdamdaming rendition. Talagang madadala ka at maaantig ang damdamin mo. Way to inspire Love of Country, Sarah. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  6. charlie says:

    ang galing mo talaga ate sarah ur da best talaga! ur so versatile. Ang OA NG MGA NAG COMMENT NG NEGATIVES… WALA KAU RIGHT!

  7. asher says:

    ganyan nga ipagtanggol nyo…….

  8. jhervette says:

    Hoy Milo….how dare u talk about how sarah sing our national anthem? people know she sang it very well,w/all her heart and soul.. and we’re proud n sya ang kumanta..wla kng krapatan mag comment ng ganyan…hindi k nmn pilipino,coz f u r,tgalog ang comments mo hindi ganyang prang kinopya mo pa yata yan s dictionary o s iba’t ibang libro pra kunyari ang galing mo…
    kung ikinahihiya mo ang pagkanta ni sarah,mas kahiya hiya ka. ni ang pagtapak s lupa dito s pilipinas ay hindi mo dpat pang gawin dahil s mga sinabi mo.. itatakwil k ng mga tunay n pilipino at wla ng ibang tatanggap n bansa s iyo. MAPANG ALIPUSTANG TAO..KUNWARI,PINAGTANGGOL MO ANG IYONG BAYAN PERO ANG KABABAYAN MO’Y IYONG INALIPUSTA,MAS MSAHOL KP S UOD O S KHIT PINKA MALIIT N INSEKTONG MATATAGPUAN D2 S PILIPINAS..

  9. jumbo says:

    pede ba milo puros ka ek ek kan lang iyang pinagsasabi mo! go to hell

  10. milo says:

    I pity Sarah Geronimo. She is a good singer but no one will get her to sing the national anthem anymore. We don’t need an operatic singer but a leader to lead the singing with a tempo and fervor that deserves a national anthem.Note, the tempo of our national anthem is better than the “Star Spangled Banner.” The Japanese and the Germans sing their national anthem very well. And you can see they feel
    it.Opera singers are trained to sing laments of a lost or unrequitted love. That style of Sarah Geronimo would be well to sing Cio-Cio San’s lament before she commits hara-kiri on finding out her American lover Lt. Pinkerton, father of her unborn child, was married to another woman, an American.
    I am talking of the famous opera “Madame Butterfly” by Giacomo Puccini, adapted from John Long’s novel.

  11. milo says:

    Next time let us not allow operatic singers to sing our national anthem. Whoever wanted to project Sarah Geronimo made her a villain instead of a heroine. Poor Sarah!

    It would have been more impressive if one was called to lead the singing and asked the Filipino audience to sing the national anthem with him or her, lively, briskly, and with ardent fervor. It would have been a big booster for Manny Pacquiao too, and would have projected the Filipinos’ sense of patriotism.
    Especially if he would ask all Filipinos all over the world or wherever they were to stand up and sing with him our national anthem.Oh, the patriotic effect would have been very tremendous. Do you think if you are there in your home or anywhere you will not stand and sing it with gusto? You will. I will do it myself and tell people near me to do it also.Call it dramatics. But, we need this kind of feeling if we want the whole world and ourselves to know how patriotic we are.

  12. milo says:

    anyone here did ever recognize what mistake sarah did while singing the national anthem
    at manny pacquio and eric morales boxing? it was a dirge……. a very wrong tempo..
    Sarah Geronimo sang the Philippine national anthem which was lifeless and sounded like dirge than a national anthem.A dirge is a song for the dead, a lament. There’s a law on how a national anthem is to be sung and enacted through the efforts of former President Fidel Ramos.This was how the song was composed by Julian Felipe, with a tempo of a lively march, depicting an assertive, lively, and independent people. The song was composed on order of President Emilio Aguinaldo in the midst of our fight for independence from Spain.Problem was Sarah Geronimo was not singing in a barangay affair but with an international audience on an event every Filipino was viewing whether here in the Philippines or abroad.

  13. Andrea says:

    During the pacman el terrible grand finale fight yes, sarah did a great job..keep it up. go girl….

  14. dark_knight562006 says:

    ,,,iba tlaga c sarah!!! she was very great!!! galing nya!!! sya ung lucky charm ni pacman during d fight!!! keep up d gud work sarah!!! crush ljga ktA!!!

  15. Pinky Rose says:

    ang galing talaga ng idol kong c sarah
    galing kumanta saludo ako sa u idol
    ikw ang #1 sakin…..pati narin ky pacman
    saludo rin ako sa u…..salamat atnapanalo
    mo ulit ang bansa natin….god bless sa inyong dalawa
    ni idol kong c sarah….love u sarah…mwah!

  16. koolitz says:

    mas ayus! di tulad dati hihihihih

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