Sarah Silverman mocks Britney Spears at VMA 2007

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MTV Video Music Awards 2007 hostess Sarah Silverman slammed Britney Spears’ highly-anticipated MTV Video Music Awards opening performance.

Meanwhile, Britney fans thought that Sarah was out of line for bringing up Britney’s kids saying that it was rude and below the belt.

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17 comments on “Sarah Silverman mocks Britney Spears at VMA 2007
  1. Mariella says:

    There are so many other ways you can be funny without putting others down – but it takes a comedian not a bully to do that.

  2. sean says:

    lol thought sarah was hilarious! you must not know that she doesn’t care about what people say she’s a comedian and if you listend and watched from her start she has always been like this. she always bashes on people and it always right to haha well i’ve met her once before and she was extremely nice idk if she was putting up and act but i enjoyed her

  3. groucho says:

    i used to like sarah.

    charismatic, clever, raunchy.


    crude, repetitive, unimaginative, tired.

    i still think she has talent but for whatever reason has decided to take the
    low creativity road.


  4. Diana says:

    WOW talk about haters.. lol as much as i dont like spears or hilton.. they dont deserve that much crap.. people gotta remember its TABLOIDS that makes the celebrities look bad.. half of that crap prolly isnt true.. and how would you feel if you had a cameras spying on you 24/7 juss waitin for you to slip n air it on tv in the next 24 hrs.. funny how they never catch the good things eh? :) try opening your mind to other different perspectives.. and her kids are innocent they dont need to be in this mess.. that was very unprofessional.. tsk tsk .. i kinda like britney’s new song > gimme more

  5. Jim says:

    Sarah does not need to apologize to anyone..lets face it, the music industry and especially these talentless hacks they comtinue to manufacture have had this coming for a long time. People use to be able to actually compose, play and read music, britney can barely lipsync, and it takes a mountain of effects and production to keep these trashy hacks in tune…we should be thanking people like SARAH who may help turn the tides and get us some great music back on our charts and out of the underground.
    what happened to pop music…

  6. spanx says:

    Wow. What a flaming C*nt.

  7. Brendo says:

    pfft, somebody play the world’s smallest violin. We need someone like Sarah Silverman to put people like Britney and Paris in their place in a comically hilarious fashion.

  8. Katelyn says:

    Wow people. Britney and Paris deserve a break? They’re selfish, irresponsible, and talentless. They are only famous in the first place for writhing around sexually, and then acting affronted when people treat them like jokes. They are setting humankind back and lowering the intelligence level of everyone who hears them speak. I can’t stand useless people, especially not those who are famous for being useless. Tear them down Silverman! Whether or not you found it funny (I laughed at some jokes, but not all), at least Sarah Silverman doesn’t endanger others lives and them whine and cry at having to pay the consequences, or ignore and/or abuse children (how many times were the babies dropped on their heads, or driven around ON HER LAP?!!). Everyone ripping on Silverman needs to get their priorities in order.

    Britney’s done. R.I.P., Britney’s career. Still looked pretty good though, especially for a mom of two. I’ll never be the people who are stooping to calling her fat when she still has a body lots would love to have. Why aren’t you people complaining about that response?

  9. james says:

    Ok i understand if people didn’t think what Silverman said was funny. But come one you guys are just getting mad at her for some little remark she said I’ve heard worst on live tv but people don’t seem to care so why should they care about this?…to those of you who say “leave her alone or get a life” you’re the ones who are creating more crap over nothing. i really don’t think its a big deal and the reason there wasn’t an abundant amount of clapping was because the celebrities didn’t know how to react to what Sarah said cause come on you know they were all thinking it when they saw Britney dancing around not knowing what to do. all i have to say is take it easy and just chill its not like she said the N-word or made fun of ethnicities so just relax and don’t be so angry about what she said

  10. Nick says:

    OK, even I thought Silverman went too far. She wasn’t funny either.

  11. emonod says:

    Even before, Silverman was way out of line when she commented on Paris Hilton..and now Britney and that isnt funny at all. Someone should give her the taste of her own medicine.

  12. nessa says:

    britney’s kids-cute like her v@gina…too far, funny if not taken seriously..but definitely too far. the rest of it was good, everyone just needs to lighten up, comedians were born rude.

  13. kelly says:

    with many comedians there is no line but with silverman there is no bottom…

  14. MAR says:

    Oh wow!!! that is all I have to say Brittany is one messed up chick and even though her performance sucked! it was an attempt people should show more support well at least her fans. On my perspective this girl still has a shot at coming back she just needs to work her butt of and start messing around! get her act in geer. As far as the Silverman comment I don’t know who thinks this girl was funny every performance she does suck. She makes these rude and awkard shots at celebs that makes the crowd feel uncomfortable. So Brittany is messed up so what stick at that no need to touch the kids, they are innocent and they have it bad enough with her mom being on the tabloids shaving her head, showing her privates and drinking than to be called a mistakes? The only reason why this girl makes these kinds of jokes is because she really isn’t funny at all, the only way is too hit really rude comments like that!!!

    Comediants are funny but they always rectify themselves at the end by making a point to thier joke with honesty. Silverman is just a bad comediant, I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulls a Micheal Richards in the near future.

  15. Stephanie says:

    She is weak. So wrong to knock on Brit…I don’t even like her but come one leave Britney ALONE! Honestly…get a life

  16. black says:

    though britney performance is lousy one, alicia is not funny. that’s hittin below the belt. silverman is totally rude and out of line. she should know when she draw the line of being funny and being sensitive.

  17. Andy says:

    I’m not a Britney fan per se, but I actually felt bad after watching her sluggishly embarassing performance. Personally, I think MTV hyped this performance as a comeback knowing it would be such a sensational train wreck.

    And, I think Silverman demonstrated once again that she’s just not funny and is simply, lowest-of-the-low obnoxious and crude. I know comedians are not always the kindest people but where do you draw the line? Talking about someone’s kids? For Silverman, there is no line.

    And, for some comedians, saying “there is no line” translates to pioneering genius like Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, or Denis Leary. This was just plain old “kick ’em when you’re down, and your kids too” desperation.

    And the lack of applause I think demonstrated how unfunny she was and how uncomfortable she made the audience.

    I sincerely hopes this blows up in Silverman’s face and that the network execs and press realize that there is no substance of worth behind her obnoxious, dysmorphically trapped teenage rage, and slash-and-burn assaults on anyone or any group of people.

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