SEC revokes license to sell pre-need plans of Prudential Life Philippines

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair Fe Barin told the senate hearing Monday that it had prohibited Prudentialife Plans Inc. from selling new pre-need plans since April 16 for failing to comply with the Commission’s trust fund and capital requirements.

According to Barin, Prudentialife failed to present an acceptable proposal to address its capital and trust fund deficiencies. “Kaya nagdesisyon po ang commission noong Biyernes na hangga’t hindi nyo nakukumpleto, natutugunan ang pangangailangan, suspendido ang inyong lisensysa, ang dealer’s license” she said.

The company, however, said they would continue to service and honor their obligations to current clients. “..we will continue to operate as a servicing pre-need company and pay plan benefits of our planholders as warranted,” said Prudential Life Plans president Jose Alberto Alba.



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  • Ah_ok

    1st! wa pakels

  • Cubie

    Pinyata mag-comment ka nman dito, hindi yung puro tungkol lang sa network mo ang ikino-comment mo. Magkaron ka nman ng contribution sa bansa para may pakinabang namn sayo ang bayan.

  • echo

    My apologies in advance for this lengthly post… i just had to share my 2 cents worth.

    Let’s put the facts in order (at least as I have read them – corrections are most welcome):

    1. The SEC recently changed a ruling for Pre-Need companies – they increased the required assets of Pre-Need companies vis-a-vis plans sold.

    2. The SEC asked 24 Pre-Need companies to submit their financial reports.

    3. Of the 24, Prudential Life was one of the 2 companies that submitted reports on time. The others have not submitted.

    4. Of the 2 companies that submitted reports, only 1 was named publicly and had its license revoked – Prudential Life. The 2nd company has not been named.

    5. The SEC sites Prudential Life’s supposed lack of allowable assets to meet SEC requirements – as the reason for revoking their license to sell additional plans.

    6. When asked what Prudential Life’s planholders should do about their investments, SEC chairperson Fe Barin said “I don’t know.”
    See it here :–SEC-revokes-dealer's-license-of-Prudential-Plans

    7. Due to the SEC’s announcement, many Prudential Life plan holders are cashing in their plans – further reducing Prudential Life’s assets.

    8. Many media outlets from the Philippines are putting the Prudential Life license revokation story together with updates on the Legacy Fund scam – as if attempting to make a connection between these 2 situations and these 2 companies.

    9. SEC chairperson Fe Barin has been on the Senate’s firing line quite a while now, ever since the Legacy Fund scam fallout.

    If these facts are correct, then:

    1. How can the SEC expect anybody to magically increase their asset portfolio to meet rules concocted from thin air?

    2. Who are these other companies that were asked to submit their financial reports? How about the others not in this list – will they be monitored also? Who chooses which company is watched?
    See a recent list here :

    3. Have the other companies that have not complied with the SEC’s deadline been penalized in any way? Or was it “smart” of these companies to have not complied, and they will not comply at all – seeing what happened to Prudential Life? What happens then?

    4. According to Section 11 of SEC Memorandum Circular 4 :
    “If the Commission discovers a deficiency in the Trust Fund, it shall give notice of its finding to the Pre-Need Corporation and require it to make additional deposits to the Trust Fund. The Pre-Need Corporation shall have thirty (30) days from receipt of notice, or submission of the actuarial valuation report, whichever is earlier, to make the necessary deposit to correct the deficiency.”
    See it here :,2007/sec-memo-04,s2007.pdf

    Was Prudential Life given this opportunity?

    Has the SEC given a second thought to publicizing their concerns over Prudential Life? Did they not expect planholder panic at that sort of announcement? Was it their intention to hurt the company? Who is the 2nd company? Will they be dealt the same fate?

    5. Why isn’t Prudential Life defending itself against the SEC? Why was there no attempt at a restraining order? Why was there no attempt at securing a government funded bailout? Is it because the former boss of Prudential Life is Ambassador to the Vatican that they will just lay down and get stepped on?

    6. “I don’t know”? You tell hundreds of Prudential Life insurance agents that they are now jobless and “I don’t know”? You tell thousands of planholders that their investments are in danger and “I don’t know”? Why did you even tell at all? Was there any attempt to forsee the effects of such actions?

    7. How does panicking planholders and depleting Prudential Life’s assets help anyone? How does stopping Prudential Life from selling more plans help them to meet the new asset requirements?
    Read more about the requirements here :

    8. Yes, it is true that all this was started by the Legacy Fund incident – but did the media have to add to planholders fears? Even on video, sound bytes with the words “Legacy” were chosen to be aired – for what good was that?
    See it here :

    9. Yes, it is true the Senate is giving Fe Barin a really rough time – so if the Senate wants blood, from where shall Fe Barin deliver it – duty or frustration? Will the SEC shoot down anything it can – just to prove to the Senate they have the guns to their jobs? Will the SEC kill the pre-need industry, just to prove the Senate wrong? Where will this end?

    What next SEC?

  • ron

    mga hayup talaga ang mga pre-need company nayan, ung pinaghirapan ng ibang tao ganun lang nila kadali nakawin. mga P.I. silang lahat. inaasahan ng mga magulang na naitaguyod na nila ang pag aaral ng mga anak nila tapos isang saglit lang nanakaw na pala. di ba nila naisip kung papaano nagsakripisyo ang mga planholder para lang masiguro ang kinabukasan ng mga anak nila. mga Pu**** I** nyo.

  • Jsneil

    SEC asked 24 Pre-Need companies to submit their financial reports. and only two of these companies submitted and only one of the two was named and revoked its license….. Ay bakit?????

    1. Well ang Prudential life kasi, sila ata and napag-diskitahan ( Bunot Bunot eh.. sila ang nabunot).
    2. Siguro dahil sa 24 pre-need companies na hiningi-an ng Advance Christmas gift eh.. and Prudential hindi sila nagbigay.
    3. Saka kaya siguro sa dalawang(2) nagsubmit ng report eh.. kayo ang tinang-galan ng license dahil kayo and pinaka sikat….magsampol kaba naman eh di sa sikat na…
    kita mo hindi na kayo pinaporma ni hindi kayo pina-imik..

    I Think SEC is trying to drop a bomb on its own house….

    Nag papasikat pa kayo eh.. alam naman natin na wala kayong ginagawa dyan.. ngayon pa…..para ano…pa.

  • fattyacid

    i used my PEP for college already. wala akong masasabing masama sa Prudential dahil satisfied ako sa serbisyo nila.

  • heisha

    prudential life, pwede bang pakilinawin mo sa mga tao, especially sa mga planholders nyo kung ano totoo.. show your proofs. if the SEC is not telling the truth, take the proper action…WAG KAYO MANAHIMIK, PLS LANG… this is not just one peso or 100 pesos na pwedeng baliwalain… we are working so hard to give our children a good future, tapos ganito… wala lang?

  • Martin

    the SEC is the one to blame if thousands of Pre-Need employees and agents lose their livelihood.

    Fe Barin is incompetent. GMA was the flower-girl in Fe Barin’s wedding. Just put two-and-two together. That is why hindi matatanggal si FE Barin no matter how many kapalpakan she has made.

    Putting the attention on Prudentialife gives breathing space for Fe Barin to slip away with her very very very big mistakes. The SEC is just diverting the attention of the public away from the SEC. When in fact, the planholders and employees of Pre-Need companies should all blame Fe Barin and her magical policies.

    Prudentialife is not like Legacy. Legacy does not pay their planholders. Prudentialife pays their planholders and Prudentialife is not running away from their obligations.

    Fe Barin just wanted to cause panic to divert the attention away from the REAL ISSUES that the SEC is not doing their job with Pre-Need companies that DO NOT PAY like: CAP, PET PLANS, Pacific Plans, Platinum Plans, Legacy Plans etc.

    Who will be the next target of the SEC?

  • Leslie

    Prudentialife Plans Inc., must come up with a best option on how to pay their planholders that has fully paid pre-need plans. It would be very unfair if they will apply the termination clause base on percentage when in fact hindi naman namin kagustuhan na e-terminate ang contract kaso lang we will be force by the situation. The money we invested was hard earned money, and Prudentialife must have at least a heart to understand that. It is very difficult to take the risk, like us whose plan’s maturity have 7 years waiting pa. We planholders doesn’t have the figures to say that Prudentialife has still enough money. My mother was right from the very beginning of our investment,…how can we trust ample of money to people that we don’t even know. Look at our investment now?…pre-need companies just exploited and make money out of us for nothing. Year 2006 when Prudentialife let the planholders shoulder the e-vat for existing plans that were still on paying period. From that point I realized it was not a wise choice of investment. Why? How come they were not able to absorb e-vat on existing plans? It was supposed to be applicable only to new plans that is hit by the new taxes the government is implementing. Philamlife did that. How did I know? My sister is philamlife planholder. Another point, if prudential is for service how come when planholders avail of loans out from educational plan, prudential life plan inc endorses us to their affiliate prudential finance, a financing firm. The interest rate? A whopping 3.5% a month straight. Pera mo na pinagkakitaan ka pa! We don’t have a choice, nandiyan na di ba? If I will go back in time…I will never invest my money with prudential. A company that is financially sound offer real service, hindi yong pera mo sila ang nakikinabang!!! With my sister philam educational plan, 10% lang per annum, flexible pa ang payment ng principal. Yan ang real service ng pre-need company. I should have known better.

    Sa taga prudential, it is about time that you be honest with the planholders and offer the best option. Si God pag masyado mo nang pinagkakitaan ang pera ng ibang tao nagagalit siya. Kaya siguro the company is not earning well. Don’t be too unfair with the planholders, ibalik niyo na lang ang ibinayad namin kasi fully paid na kami. I don’t mind if it won’t earn any interest for 2 years, what is important is that we get our money back. We deserve for that money not your excuses.

  • Bea

    Ang masasabi ko lang,,hindi ginusto ng Prudential magkaganyan sila pero dapat kasi noon pa nag higpit ang SEC..ngayon ginawa nila ang tama, tinitira parin sila. Dapat kasi pag nag bebenta sila ng Pension na parang binebenta ng Insurance company dapat under sila ng Insurance commission para mas mahigpit. Mataas talaga ang requirement ng IC para siguradong may claims. Pag nag kakaganito ang preneed nadadamay ang mga insurance company’s na walang problema. Para hindi na maulit yang ganyang problema dapat INSURANCE COMMISSION ang humawak sa mga nagbebenta ng preneed hindi ang SEC.

  • Daisy Mendoza

    Just getting confused with the Prudential Life Plans and Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, are they the same? or sister company? or different?
    Kasi as a plan holder, I got worried when I watched the evening news in GMA7 that PRUDENTIAL LIFE was suspended by SEC. The name Prudential Life itself,even if they are managed by different ownership, is intriging now a days, perhaps the plan holders of the other is also mentally anguished with the news.

  • Daisy Mendoza

    Well, getting affected with the news, trying to prepare for the future, getting a pre-need plan, but its what we got.

  • Emma Jugueta

    Talagang nakakalungkot isipin ang mga ganitong pangyayari.

    Pwede bang malaman ang office address & contact nos. ng Prudentialife Plans Inc.

    I wanted to help my brother-in-law regarding his pre-need plan with the said company. Thank you.

  • jayson

    isa rin ako sa plan holder,nakabayad na ako ng almost 140,000.00php ngayon sa napanood nmin sa TV gusto ko nang e terminate,pero nong pumunta misis ko sa office nila kausap agent namin ang makukuha lang daw nmin is 37,000.00php.ang masakit pa gusto sana nming ituloy tinanong namin kung ok pa,ang sa amin di rin nila alam.basta may assets pa raw sila hanggang 2020 e maturity ng plan ko is 2018 di bale 2 years lang pala makukuha ko kung sakali,40,000.00 a year.pagkatapos noon wala na.ask ko lang sana kung may malalapitan kaming abugado kahit kalahati makukuha nmin pagnagterminate kami.di nman namin gusto na eterrminate kaso parang mapunta lang sa wala pinaghirapan nating mga planholders.

  • jhade

    1. PRE-NEED PLANS are supposed to be used when it matures, applying LOANS from it is NOT ADVISABLE since you will be charged more… and you are defeating the purpose of the plan.

    2. What the PLAN HOLDERS need to do right now is to trust their PRE-NEED PROVIDERS, if everyone will cash out their policy, then i think you know what may happen.

    3. DEFINITELY you will not get the amount they promised you unless you finish the contract.. if the policy says you need to pay 5 years and wait for 10 years, then wait for it… no matter how we beg and you withdraw out of the schedule, you know it is in your policy

  • jayson

    How you can trust PRE-NEED Provider like prudentialife,if a simple Question likes:Mabigyan nyo ba kami ng assurance pag tinuloy namin yong educational plan na binabayaran nmin is 100% nmin makikinabangan pagdating ng maturity date?Ang sagot nila is di po namin alam basta may assets kmi hanggang 2020 kayo po nasa inyo po yan kung itutuloy nyo pa, that answers s_ _ ks…(ang sa akin lang paano pa sila kikita kung pinagbawalan na silang magbenta ng pre-needs,saan na sila kukuha ng pampasweldo sa mga empleyado nila?…????

  • Jobert

    how can i trust prudentialife when they are saying that they only have assets up to 2020? my plan maturity is in 2023. I’ve already paid 200K and have 300K ramaining (which i have no plan of paying). bahala na kung magkano ma-refund ko. pambibili ko na lng ng maraming alak para makalimutan ko na ung 200K na mawawala sakin.

  • ron

    130k na naihulog ko, 19k lang mare-refund. tapos sila ang sasarap ng buhay ang gagara ng sasakyan…

  • John

    I’m also in a dilemma. Just finished paying my 2 kid’s educational plan at Prudentiallife. I asked my agent how much will I get back. He said if I will take it now and he said 50% of what I paid for, not including miscellaneous fees,etc. 5 years kung inipon at binayaran ng sarili kung pawis. Tiniis kung mangibang bayan at mawalay sa pamilya ko para may maipambayad ako, akala ko matutulungan ako ng Prudentiallife sa pagpapaaral ng mga anak ko.. Anu pa ang magagawa ko ngayon?

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my 2 cents worth… According to Prudentialife, its trust fund is intact and the deficiency is due to mark-to-market losses… So technically it’s not a real money loss. It just so happens that at the time the financial statements are being made they have to reflect the current market prices of whatever investments the trust fund had. So unless they sell these investments in the market, then they don’t really have a loss.

    Now we all know that financial institutions, be it Citibank, HSBC, BDO, are all suffering from mark-to-market losses. In fact, in pre-need, the trust fund is managed by independent trustee banks. So in the case of Prudentialife, the fund is managed by ING, Deutsche Bank, BDO, among others. (And yes, as a banker I can say that it’s true that Prudentialife’s trust fund is intact because they cannot divert the funds to something else because it’s held in trust by the bank, not them… Unless of course they own the bank they put the fund in which is not the case for Prudentialife.)

    So if the big guns lost a whole lot of money on their own investments, what more the trust funds they manage like that of Prudentialife, and other pre-need companies. The BSP even recognized this problem that’s why in 2008 they allowed the banks to reclassify some of their investments to “held to maturity” once so that they will not have to price the investments at current prices and take a loss in their books. Hey, in the US they even bailed out their banks just to help them ride out this crisis.

    So if I was a planholder (and incidentally I am so I’ve given this much thought) I will just keep my plan because (1) I know that my money is in fact still there in the trust fund (only because the market is down, it didn’t earn as much as it used to do) (2) If I terminate before maturity I will get less than what I paid for (and well all of us planholders should know that because it’s in our plans… So if you didn’t know then well it was your responsibility to understand what you were getting into) and (3) the market will recover sooner or later (based on analysts estimates, in the next 2-3 years) so the trust fund deficiency will correct by itself in time. We just need to give them some time to ride out the financial crisis.

    Now I know it seems a bit scary but in many ways any financial institution is facing the same problem in one way or another, it just so happens that the pre-need industry is in the limelight because of the Legacy issue that’s why it’s getting more flack than it should.

    If it’s any help, I don’t think that the Prudentialife will close (and they are indeed open to service all of us planholders) because they still have their license to sell other non-pre need products and have a whole lot of other affiliate companies all doing well. So it’s very unlikely that they will runaway from us. (And according to my friends who decided to just take the loss and terminate their plans, Prudentialife will pay you in cash, not in memorial lots or LPG tanks…)

    So for me, I’ll just keep my plan. In the end, it’s a matter of personal choice and tolerance for risk (mind you, you’ll probably lose more from the stock market) but I do hope my explanation (I tried my best to explain it in layman’s terms for the greater public to understand) will help some of you make the best decision for yourselves.

  • BenVII

    Pinakatama sa lahat ng nabasa ko ay itong kay Anonymous. Tama nga naman na dahil sa financial crisis, lahat ng investments tinamaan at nalugi rin. Pero may cycle naman lahat ng crisis (tulad ng sabi ni Anonymous, baka 2-3 years mag-correct din yan at kikita na ang investments.) Ang masakit, pag ngayon ka nag-pull out, sigurado na talo ka.

    Tama rin na di maganda ang mga palakad ng SEC sa mga pre-need companies. Sa mga nabasa ko at mga narinig ng kwento, sa SEC pwede magtatag ng kahit sino ng isang pre-need company basta registered ito as a corporation. Walang minimum requirement sa capital requirements man lang. Kaya nga nakalusot ang mga gaya ng Legacy group of companies.

    Yang Legacy naman ni Celso delos Angeles, talagang tinatag para manloko ng mga tao sa mga pera nila, eh. Mantakin mo na pati pala yung mga nanlilinlang na Family First sa mga malls eh binili rin nya at nasa grupo na niya. Siya ang nagbigay ng masamang pangalan sa pre-need companies. Bahala na po ang Diyos sa kanya at kanyang pamilya at sana’y sapat na ang P14 BILLION na nakamkam nya na pambayad sa kaniyang kaluluwang nasusunog sa impyerno ngayon pa lang.

    Ibang istorya naman ang sa CAP. Kasi naman, bakit naisipan nilang magbigay ng mga tinatawag na “open-ended plans” eh? Pag open-ended kasi, sabi nila pag bumili ka ng plan ngayon sa anak mo, pagtungtong nito ng kolehiyo, sagot nila kung magkano man ang tuition sa kahit anong paaralan mo ito nais paaralin. Di inasahan ng mga nakaisip nito na ang pagtaas ng tuition fees taon taon ay di aabutan ng kahit anong investment na papasukan nila. Saan ka makakita ng investment na ang interes ay more than 15% per year ang return? Sa mga schools kasi yan na ang nagiging pattern eh. Mababa na ang 10% increase sa tuition every year. Sa ganda ng plano, madami ang kumuha kaya ng madami na ang nagke-claim, talagang kapos na ang pondo ng CAP. Di nila inasahan ang bilis ng taas ng tuition. Wrong planning talaga ito.

    Sa opinyon ko lang naman, kung sasabak ka sa investment, pumili ka na ng may pangalan at may track record. Sabi nga, tingnan mo rin kung kaya ibigay yung pinapangako ng plan. May mga nakinabang din naman sa Prudential, pero ako ang investment ko nasa Life Insurance. May mangyari man sa akin, sagot ang pamilya ko. At sa life insurance, pwede pang utangan dahil may “cash value” yung policy na lumalaki every year. Subok ko na ito dahil nautangan ko na rin… At pinakamaganda, hindi SEC and nagsusubaybay sa mga insurance companies kundi and Insurance Commission, na di hamak na mas maganda ang palakad sa SEC (Sori po kay Madam Fe Barin, pero yun po ang katotohanan.) Ano po ang pruweba? Eh, tanong nyo na lang po kung may Life Insurance company na naganib kahit ngayong may krisis. Yung Prudential nga po may Life Insurance and Pre-Need, pero sa katotohanan, nanganib man ang Pre-need ng Prudential, ang Life Insurance po nito ay matatag. Dahil nga po sa nabanggit din ni Anonymous na “trust funds” na naka-secure.

    Pasensya na po sa sobrang haba ng aking “blog” pero naisip ko rin kasi na di makakatulong sa ating lahat ang panic at ang media na di po masyadong nakakainform pero (dahil na rin siguro sa ratings) lalo lang nagpapalago o mag-”sensationalize” sa mga issues. Paumanhin po, hindi po ako taga Prudential at nais magtanggol sa kanila (Katunayan po sa Philamlife Insurance po ako, na nasabak din sa mga intriga.) at sana’y makapagbigay ng opinyon sa issue na ito.

  • Harold

    1 question lang po… im really confused at bakit nman kasi naisip ng mga companies na magkapareho ng pangalan if ever na magkaiba nga sila…

    magkaiba ba ang Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co. Inc. at ang Prudentialife Plans, Inc.? sorry ah kung mejo newb na question pero kasi nalilito lang po ako and im curious because i have relatives na plan holders and xempre worried lang po ako sa kanila thankx…

  • Armaine

    Paano ko po mahahabol ung educational plan namin ng kapatid ko under paltinum educational plans?humigit kumulang 300000 ung nahulog ng parents ko. Fullpayment na din.dapat ngayon e makukuha na namin ung pera. aNo po kaya ang magandang gawin para makakuha naman kami ng pera sayang namna ung naihulog ng parents ko na pera.Salamat ng madami

  • Planholder

    I am a Prudential life plan holder myself and has already paid my 4 out of 5 years worth of pension plan and was thinking if I should go on with it or revoke it. The dilemma is that if I chose to terminate my plan, I will be getting only a mere 25% of what I already paid for which would be around 200k lost at my part. On the other hand, should I choose to still trust Prudential, I would need to pay once more to fully pay my plans and wait for it to mature which would still be 11 years from now. Question is, is the risk worth taking? Do you guys think that I can still be at least insured that when the time comes, I will still be able to get my hard earned money back?

    I believe that among other plan holders, it would be fine not to get the interests of the money or reap the benefits the plans promised but in the end we would just want the money we had invested back or at least majority of it at this point.

  • sally

    question lang, nag loan ako against sa pension plan ko which will mature in 2011.due to pay loan ko sa sept , 2009. i definitely would pay the loaned amount and pre terminate ko sya , lugi nga lang ako pero mas worried ako pag binayaran ko loan ko wala din naman maibigay sa akin pag nag pre terminate ako, ang question is pag ang prudential nag declare bankcruptcy, can they still sue mi if do not pay my loan or can i sue them if they do not pay my preterminated pension plan value????

  • JC

    Same po pala problem natin. Sa akin di ko na tinerminate plan ko kasi di pa tapos yung plan, sa 60k na nahulog ko 2k+ lang daw makukuha ko. Buti na lang may kakilala ako bumibili ng plans. Binigay ko na ng 20k. Di ko na kaya magbitiw ng pera. Yung office nila (Prudentialife) dito samin nag close na. Kaya sabay na lang din ng acceptance na kailangan ng mag move on and magstart ulit. yung mga interested ipabili na lang yung plan gaya ng ginawa ko pwede ko din po kayo irefer sa kanya.

  • yan2x

    quetsion ko lang po if pina cancel na po ba yung e na vail na policy sure po ba na makukuha ko ulit yung pera ko?sabi kasi nila isasauli daw nila after 30-45days bank to bank just worried na baka di na at even na napacancel ko na yung policy plan ko baka hindi nila e honor yun at kukuha na naman sila ulit sa just confused!

  • Benny

    Mahigit isang taon n kmi ngcclaim s benefits ng namatay kong tatay at nanay lahat ng reqrts nsubmit n nmin pero tuwing mag folow up kmi may additional requirements n npaka imposibleng maprovide p nmin kc patay n nga ang mga planholder.talagang bwisit ung prudentialife n yan.npka walng hiya nila.kawawang ngbayad ng premiums ang mga magulang nmin ngyon wla pang kasiguruhan kung makapagclaim p kmi as beneficiary o hindi n.krami n din nmin gastos s kung ano anong pinapagwa nila s abogado sk kelangn p daw maipublish s newspaper n nkaclaim n kmi eh wl p nmn silang binibigay. mga manloloko kyong lahat n taga prudentialife……………….

  • Tina de Jesus

    Inquire ko lang po kung mai honor pa ng prudential life plans ung educational benefits ng apo ko? Open and functional pa ba ang prudential Life Plans? Saan po ba pwede mag – inquire?

  • ness

    that prudential life really sucks…

    don’t be satisfied with 30-45 days.. and kinuha nilang pera can be void on the same day..

  • Christ

    Good pm,

    M’ and S’ patulong naman po. May insurance po yong mother ko sa PLATINUMS PLANS
    nag mature na po sya nong 2008. hindi ko na po ma locate yong office nila. We need this to support her medical expenses. She been suffering from stroke. Patulong naman po. Salamat

  • judy

    im sorry pero gusto ko lang malaman kung true mga sinasabi ninyo kasi ang pagkaka alam ko ang philippine prudential life insurance company, inc. ay iba sa prudential life insurance company cause ang nagtayo talaga nito ay pilipino at the same time e hindi siya pre-need insurance company.tnx.. my proof ba kau na ung talagang phil. prudential insurance company talaga tinutukoy nio na scam???

  • Ron Sulit

    sana mabondat sila at mamatay sa kakakain ng pinag hirapan ng ng mga taong ang gusto lang naman ay mabigyan ng magandang kinabukasan ang kanilang mga anak

  • Aurelia

    Aurelia Mengua
    isa po akong cliente nang Prudentialife Educ. plan dito sa Hongkong
    Is not fair sa lahat ng katulad kong domestic helper na nag trust sa Prudentialife Educ plan. Nagkandarihirap kami dito kumita ng pera para sa kinabukasan nang aming anak. Nagtiis na mailayo sa aming mahal sa buhay then basta na lang mawawala yong kuarta namin. Nasaan na yong pera namin? Prudentialife ??? mawawala nang tiwala nang taon bayan sa iyong companya. Will pray that you will rise up again and gain the trust of people on your company..and Give it back the monies of all the clients..

  • Paolo S

    miscalculation ang naging problem nila. di napansin ang pag taas ng tuition fees kada taon, open ended ang tawag. ngayon sa philplans close ended na ang plans, every year tataas ang remit mo example: 4%, 5%, 6%, 6% = % policy plan mo. paolo sobrepena philplans 09052716321