Senatorial Candidates – 2007 Philippines Elections

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1     ANGARA, Edgardo J.     Ed     LABAN
2     AQUINO, Benigno Simeon III C.*     Noynoy     Liberal Party
3     ARROYO, Joker P.     Joker     Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino

4     BAUTISTA, Martin D.     Dr. B     Ang Kapatiran
5     CANTAL, Felix C.     Peck     Philippine Green Republic Party
6     CAYETANO, Alan Peter S. **     Compa_ero     Nacionalista Party
7     CAYETANO, Joselito P. ***     Peter     Kilusang Bagong Lipunan
8     CHAVEZ, Melchor G.     Mel     Kilusang Bagong Lipunan
9     COSETENG, Anna Dominique M.     Nikki     Independent
10     DEFENSOR, Michael T.     Tol     Lakas-CMD
11     ENCISO, Ruben C.     Bobby Enciso     Kilusang Bagong Lipunan
12     ESCUDERO, Francis Joseph G.     Chiz     Nationalist People’s Coalition
13     ESTRELLA, Antonio L.     Tony     Kilusang Bagong Lipunan
14     GOMEZ, Richard I.     Goma     Independent
15     HONASAN, Gregorio B.     Gringo     Independent
16     KIRAM, Jamalul D.     Kiram     PDSP
17     LACSON, Panfilo M.     Ping     UNO
18     LEGARDA, Loren B.     Loren     Nationalist People’s Coalition
19     LOZANO, Oliver O.     Oli     Kilusang Bagong Lipunan
20     MAGSAYSAY, Vicente P.     Vic     Lakas-CMD
21     MONTANO, Cesar M.     Buboy     Lakas-CMD
22     ORETA, Teresa Tao A.     Tessie     Nationalist People’s Coalition
23     ORPILLA, Eduardo F.     Ed     Kilusang Bagong Lipunan
24     OSMENA, John Henry R.     Sonny     UNO
25     PANGILINAN, Francis N. *     Kiko     Liberal Party
26     PAREDES, Zosimo Jesus II M.     Jess Paredes     Ang Kapatiran
27     PICHAY, Prospero Jr. A.     Butch     Lakas-CMD
28     PIMENTEL, Aquilino L.     Koko     PDP-Laban
29     RECTO, Ralph G.     Korecto     Lakas-CMD
30     ROCO, Sonia M.     Inang Guro     Aksyon Demokratiko
31     SINGSON, Luis C.     Chavit     Lakas-CMD
32     SISON, Adrian O.     Dado     Ang Kapatiran
33     SOTTO, Vicente III C.     Tito     Nationalist People’s Coaltion
34     TRILLANES, Antonio IV F.     Magdalo     UNO
35     VILLAR, Manuel Jr., B.     Manny     Nacionalista Party
36     WOOD, Victor N.     Vic     Kilusang Bagong Lipunan
37     ZUBIRI, Juan Miguel F.     Migz     Lakas-CMD

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8 comments on “Senatorial Candidates – 2007 Philippines Elections
  1. ronald says:

    many filipinos are really ignorant. criticism doesn’t make an individual or doesn’t necessarily mean you can be a better politician. it’s one of the many ways to mislead a voter like most of us(excluding me). below are the most intelligent or should i say lesser evils among the senatoriables:


    others belong to a greater evil class.

  2. Pero says:

    Why Cayetano? All he does is criticize the government. Pathetic

  3. Delia says:

    for me my senatorial candidates are:
    1.Chiz Escudero
    2.Loren Legarda
    3.Manny Villar
    4.Sonia Roco
    5.Ralph Recto
    6.Allan Cayetano
    7.Noynoy Aquino
    8.Kiko Pangilinan
    9.Prospero Pitchay
    10.Ed Angara
    11.Ping Lacson
    12.Tito Sotto

  4. ben says:

    here’s mine…

    1. villar 2. legarda 3. zubiri 4. escudero 5. arroyo
    6. pangilinan 7. angara 8. defensor 9. roco 10. singson
    11. aquino 12. recto

    vote straight??? no way!!! but i do HOPE and PRAY, that if both parties are being represented in the senate…pls stop the quarrel! work together for the betterment of our country!!!

  5. candz says:

    here are my 12 senators:
    1. Manny Villar
    2. Kiko Pangilinan
    3. Noynoy Aquino
    4. Ed Angara
    5. Chiz Escudero
    6. Prospero Pichay
    7. Miguel Zubiri
    8. Tol Defensor
    9. Joker Arroyo
    10. Aquilino Pimentel
    11. Sonia Roco
    12. Richard Gomez

  6. Rob says:

    Listahan ng mga no-no sa aking balota.


  7. A very nice long list of Senatorial Candidates bro. :-)

    Wishing them luck and hope to see their good reaps soon.

  8. rose says:

    my 12 senators
    1 edgardo angara
    2 noynoy aquino
    3 koko pimentel
    4 ping lacson
    5 antonio trillanes
    6 loren legarda
    7 manny villar
    8 chiz escudero
    9 kiko pangilinan
    10 tatak osmena
    11 alan peter cayetano
    12 nikki coseteng

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