Serendra (Fort Bonifacio) Explosion

A Honda Civic reportedly exploded on 11th Avenue in front of Serendra mall and Fully Booked bookstore at Fort Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City.

The driver of the said vehicle was killed after he was reportedly “burned.” Sketchy details reveal that electrical damage might have caused the explosion. The blast caused no major damage in the vicinity.

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5 comments on “Serendra (Fort Bonifacio) Explosion
  1. This explosion is the sign of terrorism… I guess? ^^ Be careful…

  2. Santa Close says:

    This sketcy details of blast at Serendra mall is scary. Maybe a prelude of an Ampatuan invasion and bombings of Metro Manila or declaration of martial law…only in metro manila.

  3. franz says:

    @skittles – Too early to tell.

  4. skittles says:

    edi kasalanan ng Honda?

  5. SANTA says:


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