Sheng Belmonte – Pinoy Dream Academy Scholar

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25-year-old Michelle Belmonte from Quezon City was born on December 21.

sheng belmonte

Her favorite singers are Beyonce and Shakira.

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5 comments on “Sheng Belmonte – Pinoy Dream Academy Scholar
  1. moon says:

    buti sna RnB tlga.. dmi na balladeers pinas… kakasawa na

  2. Serenata says:

    nice voice nya^^,

  3. fattyacid says:

    she’s a black beauty. win or lose, she can make it into showbiz as an R&B singer.

  4. Marianne Rivera says:

    the best talaga ang pda! move over pinoy idol!

  5. tweedle dee says:

    bright future ahead of her!

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