Skin City featuring the Viva Hot Babes

Skin City video brings together all the Viva Hot Babes from the first batch to the present.

It also features other sexy sirens. It takes you behind the scenes of a magazine pictorial, peep into their dressing room, see them get them and dirty and observe them in all their naked glory. The video stars Andrea, Anna, Asia, Avi, Claire, Desiree, Ella V., Hazel, Jen, Jennifer, Katrina, Katya, Kristine, Lailanie, Mara, Maricar, Maui, Rachelle, Raven, Renee, Sachie, Scarlet, Sheree, Sophie Sofie Garucho, Vanessa and Zarra.



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  • angelsoft

    any photos?

  • oliver

    it’s great

  • mrcoolpinoy08

    how are ya its me i like ur viva concert

  • http://skincity raymond

    hi p0

  • Exile

    ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cyntanillos Nightmare

    VHBs Gone Wild…


  • Krumper

    Cyntanillos Nightmare, I can’t believe you checked out this site, when can we have another dance showdown, sucker!?

  • paul

    how to view a video