SM releases official statement on the shooting incident in SM Pampanga

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Here is the official statement of the management of SM regarding the shooting incident in SM City Pampanga on Tuesday:

The SM management deplores the unfortunate incident that happened today at SM City Pampanga and is fully cooperating with the authorities in this regard.

Just before noon, a 13 year old boy shot his alleged 17 year old lover and then himself in front of a restaurant chain at SM City Pampanga. A suicide note was found in the bag of the 13 year old revealed that the incident was a crime of passion and of a personal nature. Both are in the hospital.

According to Colonel Tinio, who is heading the investigation, while security at SM City Pampanga has been constantly vigilant, the small 22 caliber gun used was very difficult to detect as this was so small in size.

SM has also exerted all efforts to help the two victims and both their families are now in the hospital.

We apologize for whatever inconvenience or anxiety we may have caused our customers and wish to let them know that the situation in the mall is back to normal.

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3 comments on “SM releases official statement on the shooting incident in SM Pampanga
  1. ABitterSCBN says:

    paano naman kasi 13 year-old lang…sino ba naman ang mag-aakala na kaya nang gawin ng isang bata ‘to…next time dapat maging alerto regardless of age, gender, etc…para naman hindi na maulit ang ganitong pangyayari…

  2. fattyacid says:

    sus kung may functional metal detector na ginagamit, madedetect yan.

    e nung pumunta ako sa SM Manila last saturday, patpat lang ang hawak nung guard.

    i suggest using whole body scanners sa mga entrance ng mga mall.

    tapos yung mga hardware and electronic stores sa loob ng malls, dapat higpitan sila dahil madaling makakuha ng mga materials to make improvise weapons, firearms and explosives sa mga tinitinda nila at pwedeng i-assemble sa mga covert areas ng malls.

  3. f_c_k_quaio says:

    watta good news! keep it up!

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