Solar Eclipse 2009

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The first solar eclipse of the year 2009 will occur today and it is an annular eclipse of the sun.

An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun so the Sun appears as a very bright ring surrounding the outline of the Moon.

In Metro Manila, the phenomenon will be observed as a partial eclipse and will start at 4:55PM while Davaoeños will be a little fortunate as the partial solar eclipse will occur a bit earlier at 4:47PM.

The partial solar eclipse will take just a few minutes so sky watchers are advised to set up their telescopes early with the use of special filters. Observers are also reminded not to look or stare at the sun with the naked eye.

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11 comments on “Solar Eclipse 2009
  1. Daisy says:

    im Daisy

  2. sid says:

    wlang naka intindi sa topic na to.. puro showbiz lang concern sa mga visitors nang mukamo. kahit magunaw na ang mundow panay showbiz parin ang nasa isip…

  3. what a nice omen to start a new year… this s bad omen to the chinese…

    solar eclipse – is the alignment of earth moon and sun where the moon blocks the light casted by the sun the will create a dimmer day time in some parts of the affected parts of the earth…

    lunar eclipse – is the alignment of moon earth and sun where earth this time blocks the light casted by the sun and earth will cast a shadow to the moon creating a deformed moon in the night sky….

    who gave the name earth to our planet?
    what do earth means?
    why are other planets named after greek gods and goddess?

  4. baLiw says:

    sayang di ko to nawitness.

    isa pa lang eclipse ang nakita ko.

    sana visible dito sa pinas yung july 22, 2009 solar total eclipse

  5. jonathan says:

    xure mag aaral na ako ngayon

  6. jonathan says:

    tlga..sory han lagi kasi ako sa bayabasan pag nag aaral ako noong elementary kaya ala me alam..huhuhuhuh

  7. Asus! says:

    It happens when moon passes between the sun and the earth, sometimes it wholly or partially obscured.

  8. Asus! says:

    sana laging ganito ang mga topic para naman madiligan ng kahit konting katalinuhan ang mga utak ng ilang mga bloggers.
    Well hindi ko mawi-witness yan kasi nasa work pa rin ako….next solar eclipse na lang…..hehehehe

  9. franz says:

    Its’ a system which consists of the Sun and those celestial objects bound to it by gravity.

  10. fattyacid says:

    aww, sayang hindi ako pinainom ng nanay ko ng PROMIL…

    TIKI-TIKI lang po!

  11. Batang Kankaloo says:

    Oh ngayon kayo mag-comment. Hindi puro showbiz lang ang alam niyo? Comment pls… What is solar system? Go!!!

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