Survivor Philippines (2011) Season 4 Castaways

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Here are the possible castaways or contestants of the upcoming 4th season of GMA-7’s reality show Survivor Philippines based on the clues included in a press release:

1. Geneva Cruz
2. KC Montero
3. Paco Arespacochaga
4. Aifha Medina
5. Alyssa Alano
6. Ellen Adarna
7. Stef Prescott
8. Isabel Granada
9. Chuckie Dreyfus
10. Arthur Solinap
11. Rye Burgos
12. Maria Isabel Lopez
13. Mara Lopez
14. Jackie Forster
15. Angelicopter
16. Carlo Gonzalez

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  1. Kati says:

    walang hunky papalicious, puro oldies, hhaaaaiiissstt

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