The iPhone – Will it blend?

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The iPhone can make phone calls, play movies & music, surf the web, and a lot more. But what happens when you put it in a blender?

The Total Blender that was used in that video is the entry level blender of the Blendtec home product line. Do not try that at home but we’re pretty sure you won’t.

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5 comments on “The iPhone – Will it blend?
  1. Edward says:

    wah .. gus2 ko ng iphone . mura lang jan sa pilipinas .. ? mahal kc di2 ..
    binigay mo na lang sana sa akin.. shet

  2. jiemel says:

    ahahai.,u0 ngah.,

  3. i fun says:

    ang korni ni tanda’… trying hard magpatawa… laos ka!!
    so what kung i blend mo ung i phone.?!! maapektuhan ba ang sangkatauhan sa ginagawa mo?!

  4. wrm says:

    Oh my goodness he just blended an i phone!
    he should’ve given it to me.. huhuhu T_T

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