Two Filipinos place second and third in Voice of McDonald’s

Mary Margaret Yu from Davao City, Philippines took second place, winning $10,000, and Filipino-Canadian Candido Revilles from Calgary, Alberta, Canada placed third, bringing home $5,000 in the Voice of McDonald’s singing competition.

mary margaret yu (davao) candido revilles (canada)

Voice of McDonald’s is the largest global singing competition of its kind, open to the 1.6 million McDonald’s crew members and managers in 118 countries. More than 3,600 talented singers entered the contest from 53 countries around the world. The grand prize went to Natercia Pintor, a McDonald’s employee from Portugal.



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    Ang papangit. Kamuka ni Serenata. =) =) =)

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    Sino sila? Go na audition na kayo sa Pinoy Idol! Baka makahabol pa! Para madagdagan ang mga susunod na malaLAOS! Joke lang po! :)

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