U Can Dance Version 2.0

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U Can Dance (You can dance) is looking for non-professional dancers with six to eight members, aged 16 to 22, who all live in the same barangay.


Prepare an audition piece in CD format, that showcases your group’s interpretation of a dance music remix. Your audition piece should be two minutes long, and that your group makes use of innovative props such as chako, arnis, benches, and the like. The more creative you are, the better.

Visit abs-cbn.com for the online pre-registration form as well as for more information. Interested parties can also drop by the ABS-CBN Special Projects Office, or the regional ABS-CBN station near you. Don’t forget to bring your group picture and a valid ID, as those are really essential for your registration.

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5 comments on “U Can Dance Version 2.0
  1. arjun calipes says:

    gem and gaby are d best

  2. TL says:

    Hi, I saw a clip on youtube.com of a performance from one of the teams participating in your television show. They are called Exquizith. I would like to notify you that their routine is a complete bite of Blueprint, a dance group from Montreal, Canada, moreover, the actual choreographer of the group Steve Bolton. In other words, They COPIED EXACTLY the music, the music edits and the actual choreography and formation changes!!

    It is SO WRONG to award a prize to dancers who are wrongfully taking what does not belong to them. They DID NOT create that choreography, they simply STUDIED and COPIED what Steve Bolton did. It is wrong on so many levels! I think their title should be stripped away from them immediately! They CANNOT get away with copying in its entirety the work of another artist!!

    I am sorry for the tone of this letter, it just makes me very upset to see dancers stoop to such a low level just to win a prize. They should not get away with this… this is a violation!

    Here is the link to two of our performances, one is from September 2006, and the other is from July 2005.



    Please watch the performances in their entirety to understand how wrong this really is.

    Thank you,


  3. gay says:

    sana manalo ang taga gensan ang Exquisite!!!! mga idol..jeje

  4. joshper says:

    go lina and rodjun kaya nyo yan galingan nyo go ilonggo….

  5. rudith magno says:

    thou reyes at eva rocero ang bet ko.bunso good luck sana manalo kayo

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