Unlocked iPhones in the Philippines

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Some Apple iPhone users in the Philippines can now access a local mobile network (Globe, Smart, Sun) without using a roaming arrangement with AT&T.

The Apple iPhone, which combines a mobile phone with the company’s iconic iPod music player, has not yet been released in Southeast Asia.

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78 comments on “Unlocked iPhones in the Philippines
  1. badet says:

    hello, pwde na ba ipa factory unlock yung iphone from Japan? hindi ko kasi sya magamit.. san may available? pls help me thanks..

  2. Ravenzon12 says:

    Eh sharp phone na softbank po 912sh may maguunlock napo kaya? Pls tx me nmn po sa no. Ko baka may alam or kakilala kau na maguunlock magbbyad nalang po ako.. Thanks 09237371306

  3. belrose says:

    how much po kaya pa-unlock ng iphone4 from japan? 

  4. ishie says:

    hi i have DOCOMO SH-06A i have it for a year im really amazed by this phone via YOUTUBE problem is i cant use it myself.. been searching for solution and all the answer is HYPERSIM i dont know where i can find one of that!! ive been to greenhills but didnt expect they have it there if i go back ano ang dapat ko hanapin and please give me idea kung magkano siya and ano yung term ng hypersim satin baka kasi maloko ako dun!!! thank you po please contact me thru my phone 09153664475 please help po desperate to make this phone work!!

  5. ash says:

    hi.. pwede nabang maunlock iphone 4 nkalock sa japan’s soft bank..firmware 4.2.1 baseband 3.1..at san ko pwede ipaunlock?been using my iphonr as an ipod only for 6mos now..please help..tnx

  6. ame cabesas says:

    hi!. I have an iphone 2G version 3.1.3. just last night I accidentally update my itunes. and now this is my problem. I can’t use smart or globe simcard to activate it in the itunes store. any remedy for this?.. thanks !.. it would be a big help for me to find some info about this. God bless.

  7. Benj says:

    im selling my 922sh softbank for 5,000 pesos mahal po sya sa japan 30000 yen ……… ang ganda nya pag na openline d ka luge hypersim lng ok na yan kaso wla ako credit card un lng juzt txt me heres my no.09094631576

  8. butch says:

    sori prinzes pala is the name..

  9. butch says:

    prizes.. u need to buy turbo sim or x-sim na sinasabi nila.. sa greenhills meron.. manipis yan sia na kasing sukat ng globe sim mo, tapos ididikit yan doon.. para ma read ang local sim natin.. make sure that ur unit has a network choices like GSM. kasi pag wala nian useless. Tip: kindly read previous post kasi naka explain yan doon paki basa mga commets sa taas para may guide ka.. ty..

  10. prinzes says:

    hi! meron akong Softbank 941SC…ndi ko sia mabuksan…..hinahanap nia lagi ung USIM card….pag nilalagay ko ung Globe sim ko…(Invalid USIM card) ang lumalabas……san ba makakahanap ng USIM card??…PLS Help…THANKIES! (((:
    kailangn ko na kase gamitin to eh.. :)))

  11. ceejay says:

    if i buy iphone from japan . can i use it here in the philippines or do i still have to jailbreak it?

  12. ALEXANDERTHE says:


  13. Kenneth Carpio says:

    Hello poh! :)

    saan poh b pwede makabili ng iPhone 3g dito sa manila? at magkano poh ang price nito ngayon? kasi ito poh ang hinihingi ko sa papa ko na gift saken ngayong malapit na ko mag graduate.. thanks poh god bless! :)

  14. mike910sh softbank says:

    trade my 910sh softbank sa psp1000 or 3000 txt me 09396243910

  15. 910sh softbank says:

    im selling my 910sh softbank for 15,000 pesos mahal po sya sa japan 19k yen monthly ksi bnayaran ……… ang ganda nya pag na openline d ka luge hypersim lng yta ok na yan kaso wla ako credit card un lng juzt txt me heres my no.09393320675

  16. mike910sh softbank says:

    maoopen na daw 910sh softbank kaso globe lng na sim pwd gamitin mas mataas ksi ung mega hertz nya sa lahat na sim sa pinas

  17. James says:

    921SH ma oopenline ba d2 un sa pinas meron aq eh……. CONTACT me 09081424951

  18. diana says:

    hi, i am planning to buy docomo SH-05b, magwork b cya d2 sa philippines? thank you po!

  19. magkano po kaya pa openline yung 921sh sa greenhills???

  20. jiem says:

    butch: the problem is im from cebu… sana magamoit ko na cp ko :( i really like it

  21. Jenny says:

    please help me…i really want to openline my 905sh….anyone there can help me..

  22. Jenny says:

    Hello butch…

    Juz wanna get advice wer i can openline my SOFTBANK SHARP 905SH..i rily want to use it..please help me!
    thanks a lot..

  23. jaz says:

    hi guys! ask ko lng po kung pwede po ba mgamit ang iphone 3g dito sa pinas bought from japan? nagpapabili po kc ako sa friend ko dun sa japan. pero worried kme na bka ndi ko magamit dito sa pinas… pwede po ba lagyan ng simcard nten un dito like globe or smart sims? PLS HELP! dis is urgent! THANKS TO EVERYONE!

  24. mikhaella says:

    hi,anyone there who have successfully unlock Softbank’s 815T?’tried the hypersim but to no avail:(

  25. Hi i have softbank vodafone and docomo lhat open line na. I sell it if my interesado just contact me 09127754745..09081673347 tnx

  26. blux says:

    hi..merong akong softbank pero di ko alam yung model,
    san pedeng magpaunlock and how much?

  27. butch says:

    jiem.. its only turbo sim they call it here in the philippines. you can get it in greenhills you know that second floor that all cp accessories are? its the same with rebel and hypersim pero i think they dont have it here. but try it coz it works on my unit.

  28. jiem says:

    hi everyone:) i have a foma f903i, is it possible to be unlocked?? i really love the phone because of its features and stuff… or ca anyone tell where to purchase rebel sim card or hypersim?? plzzzz help me guyz

  29. fred says:

    I have a 923sh from japan, the problem is how to use it here in the philippines. when I opened my cellphone it always goes into one (Insert Usim Card).. I search the internet about this and I found it available through a Hypersim. but I do not know where to buy, Could anyone help?

  30. maui says:

    Hi, tanong ko lang po kung pwedeng magamit ung Iphone 3gS na galing sa Japan pag dinala na dito sa Pinas? thanks.

  31. charm says:

    hi all…ask ko lang kung yung mga iphone niyo ay nagwowork perfectly after maopen dito sa pinas?
    yung ta\ta ko kasi papadala iphone niya from japan and need to know your advice kung gagana nga ng maganda after maopenline…


    need your feedback soon

  32. nicole says:

    yung akin pala is sharp docomo SH-03A.pls help. thanks is advance

  33. nicole says:

    pls help nmn. thanks.

  34. nicole says:

    Hi. inuwi ko phone ko from japan.

    saan po ba pwede magpa open line? sharp po ito.

    and kailangan ba ng ibang sim?

  35. butch says:


    it simply means they cannot openline the unit.

    1. this is japanese technology that we cannot deny.

    2. That is how intelligent japanese are when it comes to their design.

    3. for now theres no softwares that can openline sharp vodafone and softbank. Well maybe on the previous releases.

    4. 905sh ang ganda nian kc you can rotate the screen in a horizontal position.

    5. Ipa try mo yong turbo sim if hindi mo pa na try.. kc when i go there in greenhills they dont recomment naman eh.. unless you ask, kc i browse that and search in the net.

    6. Try to search your 905sh in youtube. but for sure 904sh makikita no don and on how rebelsim works on it. here in the philippines turbo sim tawag nila that works on my unit.

    God bless… just let me know update regarding that matter ..

  36. butch says:

    kim, there will be no signal talaga if the network here is not identified or accepted by the unit or your phone.

    Here are my few questions:
    1. have to tried the turbo sim which i told you? that is only 500 pesos the most.

    2. if you tried it, hows your phone response to it?

    3. Check on your phone network selection if theres GSM. If none, theres no way you can use the phone here in the philippines which i have the same with my sharp softbank 910sh.

    4. how they can say it can be openline? but no signal? thats lies.. if the system of the unit will not and cannot adopt our local sim and even the turbo sim that i mentioned, theres no way you can use that here. If they can openline that unit definitely it will have a signal. Tama o mali?

  37. kim says:

    thanks for the advise, butch…
    my brother has gone to greenhills to have it openlined, but they said they can’t.
    i’ve spoken to a technician and said it can be openlined, but no signal here in the phils., too bad.. i really like this phone.

  38. butch says:

    kim, my advise for your 905sh is that, try rebelsim or turbo sim where you can get in greenhills, that is a very thin plastic sim like to be attach in our local sim and inserted in the cellphone sim chamber. if that will work you need not to openline or ruin the originality of your unit. Coz i have sharp vodafone 904sh and it works very well..

    Sometimes it depends on the unit. i have sharp softbank 910sh it does not work because the unit itself has no option for network like, it suppose to have a GSM network that you have to select, which my softbank dont have.

    Check that also in your unit..

  39. kim says:

    pls po paki text naman po kami kung alam nyo shop pwede magpa-openline ng vodafone 905sh.

    thank u — 09062080216

  40. adz888 says:

    san po pwede ipa openline ang VODAPHONE 905SH?
    Medyo confused na ako sa mga nababasa ko sa net…
    Help naman please

  41. Ab@ says:

    baka nman may software na para ma openline toshiba 911T ko! pls

  42. aisen says:

    hey guys… pede n kaya iopenline dito sa pinas ang softbank 920p ko. ksi nung february 2009, wala pa daw software for 920p so ngayon kaya meron na? at saka nga pla ung softbank 810p ng ermat ko. tnk u.

  43. Ryle says:

    Tanong lang po! san po ba ako pwedeng makabili ng Hypersim d2 sa manila”..
    please txt me@ 09183009009…..thnx in advance

  44. JM@CC says:

    meron ba kayo alam na nag-be-benta ng iPhone 3GS 16GB na 20 thousand pesos lang? gusto kasi ng kapatid ko na bumili kasi nagandahan sya sa iPhone ko. hehehe

  45. Mike says:

    Greetings to all!
    Anyone here meron ng Software to open SONY ERICSON CYBERSHOT MODEL SO905iCS please let me know. mag papa open ako. this is my No. 09276682158.

  46. audrey says:

    aun po.. kung cno mei alam ng person or shop na kayang magpaunlock ng softbank na sharp 920sh pakiemail naman po ako.. manila area as much as possible.. tnx po..

  47. Michael says:

    i have a sharp 921sh,is it possible to unlock in the philippines? and all features of the phone will be working? i mean tv,camera,yahoo! etc. thanks.

  48. czarcastic says:

    hi guys..help namn po..my cousin send me a softbank 905sh na phone..locked pa toh..pwede na ba ito pa unlocked satin??..available na ba??

    thank you in advance.:D

  49. kat says:

    haha, pahabol..

    thank you so much pla ;)

    may S pa sa thanks! wehehe..

  50. kat says:

    hi.. ;)

    binigyan ako ng iphone, galing ng uk, nung ininsert ko yung globe sim ko, di raw supported. so it’s locked. tama ba?

    how can i use it? paano at saan dapat magpa-unlock? ;)

    hehe, wala akong alam sa iphone e, maybe u guys can help me. please.

    thanks you so much ♥

  51. irene espeleta says:

    lui..thanks again and again..

  52. lui says:

    sa pagkakaalam ko available na e.. saka kung pupunta ka dun baka maopen na nila yan.

  53. irene espeleta says:

    hey lui..available na din ba ang hypersim sa greenhills?more or less mgkano kaya un?bloody tlga mga phones s japan..!

  54. kim says:

    any1 who did unlock there 910sh…
    kindly tell me or contact if you did..


    i have mine 2,

  55. lui says:

    d po ako sure kung meron na yan. toshiba po yan diba? if ever po na dpa sya pwede iopenline, baka using hypersim po baka gumana xa. or punta po kayo sa greenhills. hehe updatd kasi sila sa softbank dun. ^^

  56. irene espeleta says:

    hey guys…ako ulit!sori 4 being so makulit h..wanna ask ulit something about the softbank phone..my cousin bought me 921T..so worried if pede na talaga sya d2..sbi kc dun s forum na nabasa ko,ndi pa daw pede..sbi nmn sa ibang site,pede na..so confused e..pls..need your help guys!

  57. lui says:

    ha? 8 lapad?! ang mahal naman. contract po ba yan o prepaid na? ang alam ko 3 lapad lang xa pero contract.

  58. adonis says:

    ie guys ako din may iphone dito pa ako sa japan worried din ako kung ma open ba ito sa pinas …hope sana nga totoo ung sa greenhills … xa nga pala 8 lapad iphne dito 80000 yen …

  59. lui says:

    kala ko po nasa japan kayo.. balak ko po kasi bumili dun ng iphone. punta kasi ako jpan this june..

  60. irene espeleta says:

    nope..dto nko phil..1yr nko dto e..alm ko mhl iphone s jp kya d nkbili cousin ko..

  61. butch says:

    hi there… lui, it seems you got your phone working perfectly.. are you familiar with hypersim that works on sharp vodaphone 904sh daw??? san kaya ako makabili non.. kasi im in visayas eh… Thank you so much…

  62. lui says:

    how much b iphone jan??? :)

  63. lui says:

    kc irene my mga software ng softbank na hindi pa nila nahahack.. kung latest yung 910sh, i think hindi pa yan tlga pwede d2 sa pinas. u have to wait pa ng ilang months para mahack nila yung software.
    regarding naman kung san ka mag papa open line, sa greenhills marami dun. i’m not sure lang talaga kung san sa mga shop dun ang trusted tlga. magsama ka na lang ng friends o relatives mo pra mas ok diba.. ska wag ka dun sa mga tiangge mag pa openline, dun ka sa mga stall pumunta.
    btw, nasa japan kb ngayun???

  64. irene espeleta says:

    hey lui…thanks ulit….san b ok mgpa-openline?hirp kc agad-agadg mgtrust s dmi ng cellshop dto sten..u said n working un mga softbank phones…pro un s cousin ko n 910SH,ayw tlga..y kaya?

  65. lui says:

    ur welcome. yup works perfectly. basta ipa- open line mo lng d2 satin.

  66. irene espeleta says:

    hey lui..tnx h?i`m quite at ease now!..medyo worried lng kc ko about the phones kung pede n tlga dto sten..and 1 thing,,,about the camera?is it working?thanks..

  67. lui says:

    irene, ang alam ko basta softbank ang phones ok yun. pwede yun maopen line d2 sa pilipinas. and it works perfectly just like mine! :)

  68. irene espeleta says:

    hi..gusto ko lang po ng assurance kung tested and perfectly working na po yung mga phones from japan.. here are the list:921SH, 923SH, 708SC, 921T, 912T, 905SH, 820P, 825SH.. please help me…thanks..

  69. lui says:

    hi guys!!!! just wanna ask something. i am planning to buy IPHONE 3G in japan and send it back home to the philippines. is it possible to have it open line there?

  70. Anne says:

    Hi guys! i bought an iphone 3G at globe telecom last year and my warranty is about to end soon. im also paying per month for their subscription. My problem is, its locked to Globe and i was wondering if anyone knows if i could unlock my iphone 3G? im planning to leave the country for a few months and i want to use a different sim. i tried going to a shop at greenhills they tried unlocking it but it would not work

  71. michael says:

    kuya junichiro pa na open po ba ung mga sinasabi mo gagana po ba yung cam and multimedia and other features? because based on what i’ve heard na di raw pwde magamit ung mga un pang txt and call lang daw talaga.. thx

  72. marlon sarmiento says:

    hello im marlon!! anyone can sell me hypersim!! wala kasi akong kasi akong credit card!! so i cant order online!! anyone can sell me plss11 i am willing to buy!!! here is my number!! 09058368315 here is my ym smoothblower89

  73. junichiro says:

    hi jinu, i too have softbank phone from japan, i have iphone 3g, 920sh, 921sh, 922sh, 904sh, p905i, p906i, d905i, so905ics.. all of them i can use with my hypersim.. all softbank 3g is ok, docomo only 2g. and i have no problem at all.. i bought hypersim at ebay.. mobilebrandohk.com also sells check it out in the internet.. hope you get it right..

  74. jinu says:

    i also have a softbank toshiba 911t i try at greenhills but the hypersim that they are selling isnt working in my 911t my friend buy a hypersim at ebay for about 1500 including shipping i am also contacting the person to see if the hypersim is in stock
    oh one more question ? do you know where i can unlock my iphone 3g i got this from japan my father send it to me i try to use th hypersim that my sister is using to her first ordinary iphone not 3g i think the iphone 3g cant accept the hypersim oh well waitng for new oh my iphone 3g is lock to softbank company in japan

  75. brianna says:

    -koi-…try to go sa market market in global city i ve seen a shop there unlocking diff.kind of fone…voda,softbank,etc…………….

  76. koi says:

    anyone here knows how ton unlock ug sells hypersim…
    i have a softbank 911t.. and its quite…

  77. archie says:

    patience is a virtue!!! ill wait till the telecoms subsidize the phone price…that is if iphone arrives in SEA on time

  78. Noe says:

    tagal na gamit ko tong iPhone ko na papalit-palit pa ng networks.

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