Upcoming reality shows on TV5 – 2012

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Here is the list of reality shows that the Kapatid network (TV5) will air this 2012:

1. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Philippines – it will be hosted by Paolo Bediones with Tessa Prieto-Valdez and Divine Lee. They will provide home renovations to less fortunate families and communities within the span of seven days.
2. Dancing Nation – a unique and inspiring dance-off competition that unites the whole community toward a common cause.
3. Kanta Pilipinas – a nationwide search for true talent in recognition of the Filipinos’ singing prowess.
4. The Biggest Game Show in Asia – hosted by Richard Gomez and Joey de Leon where teams from four South East Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines) will compete against each other through games and obstacle courses.
5. The Amazing Race Philippines
6. Temptation Island: Dare to Win – inspired by the ’80s movie Temptation Island

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5 comments on “Upcoming reality shows on TV5 – 2012
  1. zyk says:

    kahit anung gawin ng tv5 di parin yan sisikat swear.!! yang extreme makeover last year ko yan nakita sa tv5 yung trailer nila o saan na? wala pang pinapalabas. bka isang xfactor lang yan talbog na yan bah

  2. good vibes says:

    @swapang-ang-kapam, adik ka kasi sa ampalaya kaya kung anu ano na lamang ang lumalabas sa bibig mo sa pagkabitter mo!

  3. good vibes says:

    @swapang-ang-kapam, ganito lang yan eh. turuan muna kita magbilang ng ordinal numbers. (ordinal means in order). take note kung alin ang mauuna. uno, DOS, tres, cuatro, CINCO, sais, SIETE. o di ba kulelat ang syit-e! uno, DOS means number 1 ang DOS! hahaha…

  4. Kulaspero says:

    @ swapang-ang-kapam
    wag mo ng problemanhin yun…. dami mo pang pinuproblema…

  5. swapang-ang-kapam says:

    naku paano na ang kapam, bago yung dos nila maging tres.

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