Vincent Bueno’s first solo CD debuts in Europe

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Filipino Vincent Bueno, the winner of “Musical!Die Show” of Austrian national broadcaster ORF last January will be releasing his first Solo CD in the European market on April 18, 2008.

vincent bueno sex appeal cover

His first single titled “Sex Appeal” will be interpreted by him in three different styles: Vintage Mix, Dance Appeal and Swing Appeal. “As the title says, it is a very sexy high-energy sound. The song is about a girl that just blows my mind and I try to explain in different ways how good she looks like,” Bueno said.

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4 comments on “Vincent Bueno’s first solo CD debuts in Europe
  1. rob says:

    Hi! For those who would like to buy Vincent’s CD “Sex Appeal”…
    visit his website:
    click on the banner of iTunes and you can buy the CD online!!!

  2. REI says:

    hi! im from the philippines. Im a fan of vincent bueno and im dying to buy his sex appeal cd. any idea where we can buy said cd.

  3. baLiw says:

    hmmmm….gwapo xa…


    at bukod dun…PINOY!! yeah!!!

  4. kaPUPU says:

    yehey! wala lang. gusto ko lang mauna.

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