Vincent Bueno to enter local showbiz

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22-year-old Vincent Bueno, who bested almost 400 musical artists all over Europe by winning the Austrian talent competition “Musical! Die Show,” is now setting his sights in trying his hand in local showbiz.

Filipino Vincent Bueno - Austria

Bueno in an interview, expressed interest in the possibility of joining show business in the Philippines. Unlike other second generation of Filipinos born in the US and Europe, Bueno is fluent in speaking the national language so adjusting here won’t be a problem for him.

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11 comments on “Vincent Bueno to enter local showbiz
  1. aura says:

    hello…. no comment….

  2. jenster23 says:

    astig!! bago pinoy n nmn!! haha.. musical ahh!… hmm..i’ve watched couple vids of him nmn eh.. well, he’s hott!!haha.. pro magaling sya!!=D… i donno ha.. tingin ko its better for him na wag maglocal showbiz…pro support prin ako..hihi

  3. chibambi says:


    in fairniss… cute siya at super2 macho…


  4. ichoi says:

    it’s really a good decision for him to join ABS so that he will not appear as performing in a circus. He will be joining real world class talents there. Agree? he idolizes Mr. Gary V. as what TV Patrol World mentioned a while ago…

  5. tezuka kunimitsu says:

    kung dito ka talaga, sa ABS kna pra pa2loy kang sumikat sa europe

  6. Annika Chismosa says:

    THink twice or a thousand times VInz…parang perya ang showbiz sa Pinas…

    Sa Europe ka na lang..malaki pa kikitain mo

  7. vick says:

    Ano sya hilo? kung dito niya itutuloy ang kanyang career, para na rin siyang nag suicide! walang pera dito hoy!

  8. tonton says:

    ok n ok!!!bsta s ABSCBN k DPT…Npnood Ko ito S T PATROL KGBI!!!!

  9. BenchGuy says:

    Ah ganun ba! San ka bang channel sa 2 or 7? kung ako sa kanya sa Europe ka n lng total sikat ka na atska kunti lang kita dito sa Pinas

  10. jamie says:

    magiging novelty act na naman to. wag na! sa europe ka gumawa ng pangalan! mas maganda!!!

  11. Joelib says:



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