Vote for fellow Pinoy Marco Torres as a Torch bearer in the 2008 Beijing Olympics

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Filipino Marco Torres is vying for a slot as one of the eight foreigners/expatriates in China who will carry the torch for the Olympic torch relay.

An Internet vote will pick out the final eight. To vote for Marco, go to

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44 comments on “Vote for fellow Pinoy Marco Torres as a Torch bearer in the 2008 Beijing Olympics
  1. Haha says:

    hindi tayo mananalo ng medal sa paghawak ng torch! sus! Ang focus ng olympics ay mga manlalaro at hindi mga torch bearers! Ni bronze hindi mapanalunan ng pilipino! Nakakahiya!

  2. Louie Dave Pancipani says:

    Marco, YOU’RE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Marco Torres says:

    Before another day passes by, I want to thank you for all the support you have given me in our quest to have a Pinoy carry the Olympic torch once again after 4 decades of waiting. Thanks to your help, we landed in no. 2 making us one of the 100 finalists.

    You can see the tally in the attached link:

    Another link leads you to the top 100 from whom they will choose 8. 5 Filipinos have made it giving us a 5% chance. That is celebration enough. In the end, let’s just pray any 5 of us makes it.

    For me, having united all Filipinos for a positive cause is victory in itself. Carrying the torch now will just be icing on the cake.

    Thanks for the support! Mabuhay ang Pilipnas!

    Always proudly Pinoy,

  4. iris solomon says:

    go mr. marco!!! kailangan ng mag pilipino ng isang katulad mo lalo na sa panahon ngayon na maraming hinaharap ang pilipinas…we support you!!!god bles!!!

  5. sybel says:

    Go MARCO we support u here at the phils……..we know u can make it………….

  6. Napoleon P. Alistado, Jr. says:

    Marco, we support you here at ADSIA LOGISTICS, INC. We will pray for you kuya….

  7. joseph lagasca says:

    go pinoy! ipakita ang dangal ng lahing maharlika

  8. wel says:

    Go, go, go… Filipino!

  9. Benjie Gabiola says:

    go…………! marco we are all proud and support you her in Techskills Philippines here in Dagupan we pray for you……..go! kaya natin yan:-)

  10. Carey Marie says:

    “STAND TALL AND RAISE THE TORCHE AND FILIPINO FLAG” at the same time.. WE SUPPORT YOU MARCO TORRES!! let’s prove to foreign countries wat Filipinos can do.. Its time for us to show wat we’ve got,.after MANY CRITICISM THEY GAVE TO US REGARDING OUR CULTURE AND RACE.. IBANGON ANG LAHING PILIPINO!!!!!!!!

  11. Aying says:

    i believed “Filipinos can raise the Filipino flag again internationally”.. so go Marco!! kaya mo yan… stand in behalf of us.. ipagmalaki natin ang lahing P ilipino… coz it means more than just a bearer.. do all whay u can to be it.. you have our support

  12. Josh Revilla says:


  13. sabi sa TV commercial “KAYA MO YAN KID” sabi ko nnman “KAYA MO YAN MARCO.” hehehe! But we could achieved our goal for GOLD if we are united to vote our torch bearer candidate Mr. Marco Torres, our destiny is not a matter of chance but its a matter of choice, so vote now!
    all i can is that i’m proud of you, goodluck and i’m hoping you will get the 1st place this coming olympics. MABUHAY TAYONG MGA PILIPINO! VIVA PHILIPPINES!

  14. adnerb says:

    for pride and honor go, go, go pinoy and good luck………….

  15. chuchu says:

    …good luck

  16. jeff says:

    GO MARCO!! make it to the top we will support you,,Go Philippines!!!.GO!

  17. hazel lozada says:

    good luck marco. we will pray for you.

  18. klarence corpuz says:

    marco,we’re proud of you..
    hope to see you bearing the torch at olympics..

  19. ALMA JUEVES says:


  20. nikki says:

    goodluck!we are all here to support you!!!!kaya kayang ng PINOY!

  21. Marc Tirona says:


  22. angel says:

    hello…..go marco will always proud and support you….

  23. Marilyn says:

    Ipaglaban natin angdangal ng Pilipino! Kahit man lang dyan ay makilala tayo sa buong mundo, aspiring for a greater role in the next Olympic! Pagtulungan natin ito mga kababayan! Go for it!

  24. Elvie Gravador says:

    Marco Torres deserves it most !!!

  25. Elvie Gravador says:

    Of corz, I’ll go for Marco Torres !!! Go Pinoy Go !!!

  26. joanne says:


  27. Mercy Ramayrat says:

    I’m here to support you and vote you as a torchbearer in Beijing China Olympic. I wish you all the luck…

  28. mico padilla says:

    Show to all that Filipinos is truly world-class! We believe you’ll gonna make it.. Kaya natin ‘to!!

  29. Rico Barretto says:

    More Power for Marco Torress!

  30. Marivel Cebu says:

    after hearing in chanel 2 about you… vote for a torchbearer in beijing china olympic.

    we suppot you . and vote for you…. i wish you all the best and luck .. in God’s grace… you can do it ….Marco gogogo….. from Tarlaquenios…. we pray.

  31. Daniel says:


    Buen suerte mi amigo! Your victory will also be the country’s honor. Good luck again and i hope that the Filipinos will unite and vote for you!

    Mabuhay ka! Mabuhay ang Filipino!

  32. Roxy Juan says:

    We Filipinos are great! Go for it!

  33. mhel says:

    i support marco we proud of you i hope you can make it “GO PHILIPPINES”

  34. Erhyck Pareja says:

    We will support you till the end. yan ang pinoy we will wish you luck and i hope that you will make it. mga kababayan, lets unite for the pride of the Philippines

  35. erickson de guzman says:

    “Go Team Philippines!!!”

  36. Kelly P. Gana says:

    I vote Marco Torres for 2008 Beijing Olympics

  37. ronnie says:

    we salute you…marco

  38. jelyn says:

    I salute you Marco ang all other Filipinos vying to become torchbearers in the Beijing Olympic… Your wish to represent Philippines in this world event surely touch every hearts- to leave our own legacy in the passions that we have… Here in davao, we are doing the best that we can to support…
    Thanks to magic89.9 for informing us about you…
    Mabuhay ka Pinoy!

  39. Reymos says:

    Good luck to Marco! This is not a criticism but an honest opinion. After reading Marco’s profile, it seems to me that he had a hard time to get tickets for his favourite games. Unfortunately, he did not mention about this rare opportunity to take part in the event and hopefully represents the country, The Philippines. Yes, every Filipino wants to be there and witness this prestigious ocassion, but being a torch bearer thru public voting is something to think about.

    To get support from our kababayans abroad is by giving us a brief description about your achievement in sports; explain to us your dreams not for personal glory but for being an ambassador of the country. Im not saying here that Marco is not qualified to participate, but to get votes, not only from Pinoys but other nationals. is to express your desire to be there and be real sportsman on behalf of the country, not just for the sake of making personal dream come true.

  40. Marilyn Tierra says:

    We, the Pinoys in Sacramento, are all out to support Marco Torres!!! We are very proud to have a Filipino carry that Olympic torch and hope to see it happen again in this lifetime.

    Go Marco! The strong Filipino community in Sacramento, California and the US are with you in your quest.


  41. Marco Torres says:

    Mga kababayan ko!

    I would like to thank you for the support. Of 349 candidates, we are now at no. 14 with about 2,500 votes. We are getting close to making the Beijing Olympics even more special to Filipinos. After all, bihira lang naman umabot sa Asia ang Olympics.

    We have until the END OF OCTOBER TO VOTE. Please forward to all your friends, relatives and countrymen.

    Kung magkakaisa ang mga Pinoy, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Maraming salamat muli. Let us keep the torch burning in our hearts!

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Go for Gold!

  42. Kathy Tolosa says:

    Dear Fellow-Filipinos,

    Thank you for making a stand and exercising your rights of suffrage…Let us not let this golden opportunity pass us by…Vote Marco Torres! Our most eligible candidate to represent us in the Beijing Olympics…We can make this happen!

    A toast to Marco! We believe in you. May God’s mighty hand uphold you… Godspeed!

    Peace and unity to us all!


  43. Marco and I are trying to get more information about the Olympic torch relay that happened in Manila on Sep 3, 1964 for the Tokyo Olympics. Who were the torchbearers and organizers of that historic event in Manila? Please send me an email if you know any info about it.

    Thanks to Jamie and the admin of Mukamo for helping this campaign for Marco. Let’s continue spreading the word.

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