After Chito and Neri: Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh Video?

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It seems it’s becoming a trend these days because after the Chito Miranda and Neri Naig video, another celebrity is once again involved in a video controversy.

Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh

Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh

An alleged video of Eat Bulaga host Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh doing the deed is making the rounds online and is being downloaded by netizens. Wally and Yosh have yet to confirm that they are indeed the stars of the 6-minute clip.

When will celebrities ever learn? Some have commented that this issue is just a cover up for the Pork Barrel Scam, which is currently a hot item. Let’s hope not.

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