Warren Antig – Shout – Pinoy Idol Top 12

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25-year-old Warren Antig of Baguio performs “Shout” by Tears for Fears on Pinoy Idol Top 12.

warren antig

Check out his performance and the judges’ comments on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wgPaW6rQkc.

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20 comments on “Warren Antig – Shout – Pinoy Idol Top 12
  1. marie says:

    good luck next round warren…. idols ur all gr8,,,,, who ever wins u all deserve to win… coz u went to reach out for that dream,,,,,, vote for warren

  2. laila says:

    go go warren…

  3. laila says:

    warren keep it up. hindi mo man kami kilala.. hehehe we are spending load for your vote,… we are waitng for you on the top one… good luck

  4. jane says:

    suku lang ko Cris kasi pamangkin ka ang nadihado,,, wala naman siyang kaalam-alam kon paano siya laitin ng low crab,,,,, its ok to comment but not to the extend that…. you downgrade the person,,,, he/she doesn’t know my nephew and calling him basura,,,, of corz i care…….. cheerio cris ,,, Australia here.. i do respect all the idols, they all are there for reason, to fulfill their dreams,, even my nephew dont win,,, i supported him till the end coz he got the drive and guts to go and reach out what he desire without harming others,,,, God bless Warren “”” he is very nice guy…. truly

  5. jane says:

    ginto nga siya””’ dahil tagapagmana ng maraming ari ari-an yan,,,,,, i think my primacy effect on you,,,, is that you one loonetic loser that you can not even deopardise your own life so you go around making silly comments, that don’t even rectify ;; if you got basura brain that image is the projection of make up in the result of filming…. you low crab that if you got anything gr8 to say,,,, go an pick another guy to pick on, you go tell your mother to FFFFF off that for sure will pist her off like u pist me offffffff you cheap patay gutom……

  6. chris says:

    pagxur ba…hahaha

    suko man daun nis jane.. :P

  7. jane says:

    halimaw,,,i care if u do call him basura,,, coz he got more than you dont,,,, he is educated and your not ,,, for all i care coz yeah I’m his auntie,,, for you to rubbish him is not very nice to hear and see,,,,, if u got nothing nice t say jkust shut …. f—u—-ck up…….. your the basura one day one eat……..

  8. taborz says:

    he is really good. a talented man! go for Pinoy Idol! kalisod mamili sa top 12 kung knsa jud ang pinoy idol kay puro cla maayo.

  9. anikka says:

    ich labedich!!.. haha..
    la mgawa..
    kwawa nmn tng jane n2..

  10. Zweihander says:

    Ansakit naman sa ulong basahin nun. Actually, Zweihander is a two-handed German sword. Tyaka pig in German is schwein.

    Ano bang pakialam mo kung ang tingin ko sa basura ay basura? Now, kung ang tingin mo sa basura ay ginto, eh wala na akong pakialam yun. Kanya-kanyang taste lang yan.

  11. chris says:


  12. chris says:


  13. jane says:

    ZWIEHANDER!!!! du bist nich gut und was machen sie du? Du bist auferschtig,,,, zwiennnnnnn…

  14. jane says:

    Zwienhander. by your name means pig in German language,,,, it suit you .. your low crabbb if Aurin is look like warren,,, so be it at least he is not like you ….. you said you dont need to be good looking your pig’s asrse……… how much you bit that you look like low con,,, ing scummm baggggg

  15. jane says:

    why do you think he is creepy? perhaps his appearance not so appealing on the spot, i have seen warren in person he is ample to his look, i think your the looking drag which you can’t even attract a fly,,, for your stinking attitude, look yourserlf in the mirror first. your cheap low creepy crab,,,,,, warren is as gorgeous as he is without you judging him from inside /out…. get a life………. creepy draggggg,,, popppppp

  16. Zweihander says:

    Why creepy? Because it looks creepy! As simple as that. Tyaka di ko naman kelangang maging good-looking to know kung ano ang pangit sa hindi noh. Affected ka naman masyado. Why? Kamukha mo siya?

  17. rengaurin says:

    y comment if you just said keber??? meaning wla kang paki…as in dedma ka lang is dat a comment?……..y creepy??? punta ka sa studio and tell him he looks creepy…..d lng sya telegenic no!!! look at urself in the mirror and ask kung ikaw ang fariest of them all….hehehe!!! instead of discouraging others who’s struggling for their dreams….encouragement and moral support ang ibigay nyo s kanila. giv support and opinion which will help them to improve theirselves. kayo nga ang lumagay sa katayuan nila!!!!!

  18. tintin says:

    idol ba niya si jhong hilario??

  19. Zweihander says:

    Creepy pic.

  20. uu says:


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