Wendy Valdez makes public appeal

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Wendy once again begged her detractors to spare her family in the continuing brickbats against her attitude towards fellow female housemates in the recently concluded Pinoy Big Brother season 2.

Wendy bagged the 3rd Big Placer with 1,209,978 votes.

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14 comments on “Wendy Valdez makes public appeal
  1. crazyUNO says:

    Super galing talaga ng ABS-CBN or the media in this case. They really have the power to make anybody like or hate a person. To all Filipinos na mahalig mambatikos, wag kayong mag-ganyan, para naman kayong walang mga kasalan ah.

  2. heart says:

    public appeal your face! ipokrita ka!

  3. Sophia says:

    can’t feel the sincerity….. plastic pa rin ang dating!!!!!

  4. paksyittz says:

    wendy is good…=) all the time…

  5. gimik lng says:

    i still beliv its a gimik..

    showbiz is rily like dat..

    well, we’ll see..

  6. mz says:

    thats right give her a second chance..tao lng naman sya..nag kakamali rin..
    go wendy kaya mo yan..kaw pa malakas ang loob..

  7. bruce_wallis says:

    god bless you

  8. RUTH says:

    wendy cno c mr. tanashi? nabasa ko mga blogs search nyo sa nternet pbb wendy valdez blogs
    then click nyo
    bruce quebral gets the boot wendy valdez stays in pinoy big brother

  9. jackie says:

    Understanding Wendy doesn’t justify her misbehavior. She is responsible for her own actions. Upbringing and harsh life experiences do not excuse a person from being liable for his/her own offenses. Otherwise, we should free all the prisoners who have been influenced by past sufferings. No, it doesn’t work that way. On the contrary, another’s misbehavior does not justify our lack of respect for that person. I will not scorn them because they, too, are children of God. I am not obliged to like them, but I have to understand them. My gosh, I have red thousands of this, “Wendemonyo, mamatay ka na!!!” SHE DESERVES SOME RESPECT! I have reasons to believe Wendy has yet to experience real love. Not “love” because she is beautiful, nor because she is the family financier, nor because she is the poster girl for pagpapakatotoo. Not even because she has good qualities. When she entered PBB house, Wendy said, “sana magustuhan ako ng tao.” Well, that’s all that Wendy wants and needs: the genuine experience of being loved for who she is. Although I want Wendy to win the money and the house & lot (for the sake of her family), I am not rooting her because she does not have the qualities of what I think a Big Winner should be and so you do. After all, PBB is not a charity contest. Just mere spectators of Wendy, Maybe we love to hate her because one way or the other there’s a little of Wendy within us. True? I agree. I include Wendy in my prayers, may she find light, strength, peace, and most of all, love. Life doesn’t end up there at the house. We don’t have to be condemned by our past deeds as long as we accept our mistakes and try to change. Each one has an opportunity for a new beginning. If you guys keep on doing such misbehavior you are all-worst than what she had acted inside the house.

  10. Miko says:

    ngayon lang siya nagpapakumbaba dahil alam niyang wala na siyang paglalagyan ngayong tapos na ang PBB. wala siyang career na maiexpect. kahit na humihingi siya ng tawad sa tv, halata pa ring hindi siya sincere at plastic pa rin! may strategy kasi silang gawin na kunin muna niya ngayon ang appeal ng masa para hindi malulugi ang mga taong nasa likod niya…
    sige lang, patatawarin ka naman ng tao pero hindi muna ngayon..hindi ganyan kadali..

  11. renier says:

    everybody deserves a second chance… kung ang Diyos nga nagpapatawad ang tao pa kaya…

  12. ruby hattori tokyo japan says:

    sana nga matuto n sya ang daming not good n mga blogs s ntrnet about her b4 p pumasok s pbb na kesyo mangggmit at ggwin ang lhat para s pera cguro nga nkkita natin s mga act nya d magandang example lalo n s mga kbtaan. sana nbbasa mga message d2 para mlman nya n d kgandhan mga gimagawa nya sayang ang ganda at talents nya sa loob inaanay pala d p man nkpag umpisa bagsak na . tama yan mag public apology ka.

  13. wrm says:

    yes.. give her a second chance..

  14. alimasag says:

    give her a second chance

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