Western Union Philippines enforces “One ID Policy”

Western Union Company has announced that customers need to present only one valid identification to receive money transfers in any of its 7,300 agent locations across the Philippines.

Western Union - 1 ID na Lang

The company also has expanded its list of accepted IDs to include valid student photo IDs for non-voting/minor age students. Even employment IDs issued by private companies and government offices and Integrated Bar of the Philippines IDs are also accepted for transactions.

The following are the valid IDs accepted by Western Union:

Driver’s license
Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
NBI clearance
Police Clearance Certificate (Electronic)
Postal ID
Voter’s ID
GSIS e-Card
SSS Card
Senior Citizen Card
Seaman’s Book
Alien Certification of Registration
Firearm license
Employment ID (Government and Private)
Student ID (for non-voting/minor age students)
other IDs issued by the government and its instrumentalities (digitized hard plastic type)

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  • Jan_moralde

    pwede po ba gamitin ang philhealth id para kumoha ng pera?

  • Adrian24004

    I’ve been using Western Uniom to send money to my family here in the phil for almost ten years now.   Just recently, I had a very bad experience with this company when the refused to release a money sent to me by my friend from Cebu for the simple reason that my ID (passport) has expired.   They called the sender to verify my identity and the sender confirmed I am the right person but still they refused to release the money. I requested to talk to their superior
    and he decided to release the money to me but after a minute he changed his decision.   I pleaded to him That I needed the money badly for my hospitalization because I am a stroke victim and I need to buy my medicines but still they refused to release the money despite showing them my other IDs.   This makes me think that Western Union only wants to make profits and not to serve the people as the claim in their ads.   Your staff are incompetent to handle this kind of situation and does not aware of your company policies.  Your company has no sense of social responsibility, all you are after is to make profit.  You are the most cruelest company I’ve ever known.  You have business because of us your customers so don’t treat us badly.  Your greed and avarice will eventually cause your company fall because sooner or later your customers will know how cruel your company is.

    • Mae Reforzado

      likewise. napilitan tulay akong mangutang muna. :((

  • Ernanicawagdan

    Kahit anong ID valid na, Basta Cute yun picture .

  • schonheit

    @leo no match found meaning my isang mali n number sa control number m…pkiconfirm sa ngpadala kng anu ang totoong mtcn.ty