YouTube sensation Maria Aragon in Manila, Philippines

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Filipina-Canadian YouTube sensation Maria Aragon is in the Philippines to sign a contract with ABS-CBN’s Star Records and to appear in various ABS-CBN shows such as ASAP Rocks.

Maria who just turned 11 last July 17, is excited to become a Kapamilya. “I really like to work with Piolo Pascual. I find him so talented. I also like Martin Nievera. I love his songs and he’s a very good singer.” she said. She rose to fame after Lady Gaga discovered her YouTube cover version of “Born This Way.”

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7 comments on “YouTube sensation Maria Aragon in Manila, Philippines
  1. your comment is awaiting moderation always says:

    im a kapamilya pero dont like Maria Aragon.. bigat ng dating nya for me..

  2. Astig says:

    wow. perya? pra sa GWR? mmm

  3. statistic 101 says:

    Papunta na sa pitopito ang GWR para i-confirm ang pagiging perfect singer ng mga taga PP.

  4. ABitterSCBN says:

    sa asapsap perya siya kakanta? sana may duet sila ni Toni wala sa tono kung live Gonzaga at Nikki sintunado kung live Gil para peryang perya at isali na din si Marcelito, Jovit at Mahal haha

  5. Astig says:

    @ Prince Kapmilya na siya dung. D sya pwede sa perya pilipnas

  6. Prince Andrew says:

    hope makapag guest xa sa Party Pilipinas o kya sa ASAP

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