Zara Aldana is PBB Celebrity Edition 2 second evictee

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18-year-old “Poor Beauty Queen” from Las Piñas, Zara Aldana was evicted and is back to the outside world.

Megan Young, Geisler brothers, and Zara Aldana

Megan Young received 50% of the total votes, the Geisler brothers got 31.94% of the votes while Zara got 18.06%. She tried hard to fight back the tears but it was not that easy for the beauty queen who has become quite fond of her other housemates. Toni, who had become close with Zara during her short stint in the house, came in to fetch her.

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3 comments on “Zara Aldana is PBB Celebrity Edition 2 second evictee
  1. jason says:

    She’s beautiful and nice but PBB House is not the place for her. Sobrang tahimik that her presence could not be felt. Beauty without a purpose?

  2. er says:

    ok; not a big deal…did she exist in the PBB House?

  3. Loop says:

    Not surprising at all.

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