Alex Pagulayan wins Billiard Factory World Summit of Pool

Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan beat American Shane Van Boening in the finals of the 4th Annual Billiard Factory World Summit of Pool at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


He took home the $12,000 cash prize.

Lazada Philippines

Van Boening trailed early on to Pagulayan, despite making just minor errors. Alex stood at 5-2 lead once again with smiles and jokes, but a few unfored errors by Pagulayan and Shane’s awesome break and fire power soon eroded the laughter as the score knotted at 5-5. Shane’s break failed him in rack 11 when he scrathed in the side off the break and Pagulayan breathed heavily to run out.  Pagulayan  proceeded to break and run out to the 9-Ball in the next game. Making the final 9-Ball with a joyous yell, Pagulayan stopped and screamed, “Oh no…yaaa!!” as the cue ball went two rails towards the side pocket for a  scratch. As if it had eyes, the cue ball avoided the side pocket by an inch as a relieved Pagulayan threw his hands up in celebration for sure this time as the new champion of the World Summit of Pool.

{from insidepoolmag}