Asus Laptop Philippines Prices

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If you’re planning to buy an Asus laptop or netbook, read on to know the current prices (as of this posting) here in the Philippines.

Asus AS 1015PEM – 17,495 pesos
Asus 1215T – 20,900 pesos
Asus K42F-VX336 – 24,500 pesos
Asus K42F-VX235 – 25,900 pesos
Asus K42F-VX329 – 30,900 pesos
Asus K42JC-VX108 – 32,900 pesos
Asus X42JY-VX124 – 33,900 pesos
Asus X42JY-VX026 – 33,900 pesos
Asus K42JC-VX167 – 35,900 pesos
Asus K42JY-VX028 – 36,900 pesos
Asus K42JC-VX235R – 38,900 pesos
Asus k42JA-VX062 – 41,900 pesos
Asus U35JC-RX091V – 49,900 pesos

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