BFAD clears all local Sunflower biscuit variants

The Department of Health (DoH) on Wednesday lifted the ban on Sunflower Crackers Blueberry Cream Sandwich after the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) declared it melamine-free.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque said that 16 variants of Sunflower crackers, including the blueberry creme sandwich, were negative from melamine.

Lazada Philippines

The BFAD test results contradicted the Hong Kong Center for Food Safety’s (HKCFS) advisory that the blueberry creme is tainted with the deadly additive.

Meanwhile, major ingredient suppliers of Sunflower have guaranteed that the milk, buttermilk, flour and other dairy ingredients are all melamine free and sourced mainly from Australia and New Zealand, officials of Croley Foods, makers of Sunflower biscuits here in the Philippines said.