Big Brother housemates play ball with Philippine paralympic basketball team

The Pinoy Big Brother celebrity housemates were up against the members of the Philippine paralympic basketball team. In the activity area, Coach Noel introduced their opponents Clover, Gerald, Juanito and Rene. Knowing how tough the competition would be, the housemates prayed hard before the game proper. As it was, they were already on the losing end by the end of first half, leaving their rivals with a 20-point advantage. No amount of teasing pleas from Baron could persuade the Philippine Team to slacken their pace.

Defeated, the housemates requested for a rematch even if it meant endangering 100% of their budget as per Big Brother’s additional stipulation. This time, the boys were more confident with their chances of winning. And unbelievably, they succeeded with flying colors during the second round.

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