BIR’s Top 50 Restaurant Taxpayers in Makati (2011)

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) published on Wednesday a list of the top 50 restaurant taxpayers in Makati for 2011.


Here is the full list:

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1. Yellow Cab Pizza (P17.57 million)
2. Max’s Makati Inc. (P3.43 million)
3. Sugi Makati (P2.31 million)
4. Dencio’s Bar and Grill (P1.42 million)
5. Cowboy Grill, Shakey’s (P1.36 million)
6. Conti’s (P1.29 million)
7. Cafe Via Mare, Oyster Bar, The Daily Juice (P1.26 million)
8. Ballpark Snacks (P1.18 million)
9. T.G.I.Friday’s (P1.11 million)
10. People’s Palace (P1.09 million)
11. Milky Way Cafe, Azuthaiya Restaurant (P937,738).
12. Aquatic Property Management & Development (P923,710)
13. Izakaya Kappo Tsukiji Restaurant (P889,763)
14. Nihonbashi-Tei Izakaya Restaurant (P884,978)
15. Tsumura Sushi Bar, Kuretake Restaurant (P860,252)
16. Ocho Tesoros Corp. (P786,766)
17. Tboy MS Inc. (P673,151)
18. John and Yoko, Dekada (P656,897)
19. Spicy Fingers (P574,699)
20. Le Zuni Grill & Wine Corp. (P572,647)
21. New Sachi Karaoke Club, Momotaro Bento, Sekitei (P567,656)
22. Sala Bistro (P567,151)
23. Noble Rot (P517,598)
24. PCK-MSC (P472,392)
25. Mojito Specialist Foods (P471,891)
26. WMDB King Chow Inc. (P465,691)
27. Saram Bee Corp. (P460,352)
28. Burgerjoy Restaurant (P445,800)
29. Kingworlds Corp. (P419,001)
30. El Cielito Tourist Inn (P395,448)
31. OM Shanti Foods Corp. (P390,666)
32. Blue Angel Karaoke (P389,190)
33. Bubba Gump’s (P365,327)
34. Golden Bee Food House (P364,582)
35. Chimara Cafe (P352,043)
36. Crepes Bretonnes Corp. (P349,656)
37. Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice (P311,330)
38. Luk Yuen Noodle House (P310,321)
39. Princeville Star Foods (P303,002)
40. Rai Rai Ken Ramen House and Sushi (P290,349)
41. BIMECH Food Chains Corp. (P275,163)
42. Mozu Resto Grill and Bar (P274,893)
43. MTB Culinary Inc (P264,622)
44. Southgatefoods Inc. (P253,884)
45. North Park Noodle House (P252,607)
46. Toshco Inc. (P241,499)
47. Relish at Ponte (P241,191)
48. Amber Golden Plate Restaurant (P239,968)
49. New Bombay (P237,575)
50. Good Grub (P236,206)

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