Bob and his Mindanao Blog

We found an American who surprisingly blogs about Mindanao. His name is Bob Martin and he’s the owner of Mindanao Blog.

Yes, I am an American, but I have been coming to Mindanao regularly since 1990. In addition, I have lived permanently in Mindanao since early 2000, and I love it here. The thing that I hear all the time when I tell people that I live in Mindanao is that I must be scared because it is so dangerous here. Actually, that is really far from the truth. Yes, there are places in Mindanao that are quite dangerous, but the majority of the island is safe. Is it perfectly safe? No, I know of no place on the earth that is perfectly safe, do you? I have lived here for a number of years now, and I have never felt that I was in danger yet. I do try to use common sense in my daily comings and goings, though. I suppose that in these days of uncertainty that would be a sensible thing to do no matter where you live.

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