Call centers in the Philippines and the Obama presidency

Filipinos working in the call center industry are concerned with the election of Barack Obama.

There are speculations that the Obama administration might convince US call centers here in the Philippines to return to the US for more jobs for Americans as one way of preserving the falling US economy.

Lazada Philippines

But US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Ann Kenney thinks otherwise. She said American call center companies that have branched out in the Philippines would probably maintain their business here.

“If you heard him [Obama’s speech] yesterday, growing global prosperity. Call centers continue to be strong. Their successful because the Philippine work force is so talented,” Kenney said.

“The economists will tell you a good call center industry helps with jobs in America as well because it’s the services provided that grow the businesses. If you bought a US product and are dealing with a service center in the Philippines you get good service and you say I might buy another one of their products, so you actually create jobs by having these good call centers,” she added.

“And the Filipino employees there are tremendous. They are amazing and talented, they are natural customer representatives,” Kenney noted.