Camera Café is a French-born concept of comedy television series exported around the world.

camera cafe philippines

The French production house that produces Camera Café, exported the concept to over 30 countries worldwide and the Philippines was chosen to be its pilot country in Asia. The show revolves around the normal Filipino office worker, whose only time to chat is through a five-minute coffee break. In each episode, the camera is fixed into the automated coffee machine of the office space where officemates talk about the latest gossip, newly hired employees, rude bosses, and office romance. The cast includes Bearwin Meily, Epi Quizon, Christian Vasquez, Assunta De Rossi, Jaime Fabregas, Kalila Aguilas, Noel Colet, Monica Llamas, Patricia Ysmael, and Candy Pangilinan, just to name a few. It airs on weekdays after Gobingo.

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