Captain Barbell: A Smallville Rip-off?

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A comment from chickadora’s blog, a certain azul said

I don’t watch Pinoy teleseryes but I happened to catch the first 3 episodes of Captain Barbell. And it’s forgivable that the basic premise is similar to that of Superman I guess because Captain Barbell is our own version of Superman. HOWEVER, being someone who has seen the original Superman movie and followed the first season of Smallville, what I saw was not merely a homage to Superman, but a rip-off. Come on. Open your eyes. Adopted parents driving a red pick-up truck through the desert when a meteor capsule carrying a baby from another time. THey didn’t even TRY to look original by at least changing the kind of car Teng’s adopted parents were riding in. And discovering his super strength when he lifts the Lolo’s tractor. Whoa! De Ja Vu? And these are just physical rip-offs. I can write a whole essay on the unoriginal story. Saying to just turn a blind eye on its flaws is being in denial and a hindrance to improving the series. We must look within its flaws and change it. it may be rating high now, but when people realize that they’re watching a second-rate version of Smallville, Captain Barbell may not be as strong anymore in a month or so. I wonder if Warner Brothers can sue GMA for infringement?

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