IPB 2.x.x Security Update (04/25/06)

Invision Power Board came out with a security patch for the Invision Power Board 2.x.x which provides fixes for the following vulnerabilities:

  • A bug in Internet Explorer 5.0+ which allows a JPEG image to be uploaded with a GIF header containing malicious HTML / javascript code. (IPB 2.1.x only)
  • Potential SQL injection (limited to 32 characters)
  • Potential arbitrary PHP code execution

If you want to patch your board manually. Click here. This manual patch is only applicable for IPB version 2.1.x. See the official news.

ZPDee Cable Internet now in Laguna

Using SKYCable infrastructure, you connect to the Internet via cable instead of phones. And because cable carry more data than phone lines, you’re able to zoom online up to 100x faster than standard dial-up service.

This means that instead of phone lines, you get connected to the Internet via the same cables that you plug into your TV set.

Just turn on your computer and you’re online instantly! No more dial-ups. No more busy signals.

And because cable has a much thicker bandwidth, it can support much higher speeds than traditional telephone lines of dial-up service!

ZPDee is now offering its services to Laguna particularly in the towns of San Pedro and Sta. Rosa. Contact (02) 520-8195/96 for San Pedro and (049) 534-2814 or (049) 837 6772 for Sta Rosa residents.

The Local Internet Scene

So what’s new in the local internet scene?

The first and largest filipino web directory is currently down (filipinolinks.com), Yehey.com the largest filipino search engine is sporting a new look (started last April 1), majority of pinoy webmasters are busy optimizing their sites to maximize their google adsense revenue, some sites have jumped into the illegal mp3 sharing bandwagon, and almost everyone is blogging.