Philippine Web Awards’ Extends Deadline

The Philippine Web Awards, the award-giving body that annually recognizes the best Filipino-created Web sites is extending the deadline of the submission of entries for the 9th Philippine Web Awards to September 19. According to them there have been calls and requests for another extension (but we think its because of low registrant turnout). Anyway, the categories include

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Yahoo! steps up anti-phishing Campaign

Yahoo! MailYahoo Mail is perhaps the most widely used free web based email provider. This is why its the most targeted email service as far as phishing attacks are concerned. Now Yahoo introduces the “sign-in seal” in Yahoo mail. A sign-in seal is a secret message or photo that Yahoo! will display on your computer only. Look for it every time you sign in to make sure you’re on a genuine Yahoo! site. If the message, photo, or colors are different, you may have landed on a phishing site. The limitation of this is with public computers as stated in the FAQ.

What is phishing?

Phishing – a play on the word “fishing” – is an attempt to steal your password and private account info. Phishers can set up fake web sites that look like those of trusted companies like Yahoo! to trick you into disclosing your user name and password. To learn more about phishing, visit the Yahoo! Security Center.

How does a sign-in seal protect me?

A sign-in seal is a secret between the computer you set it up on and Yahoo!. So when you sign in to Yahoo! from this computer, your sign-in seal tells you that you’re seeing a genuine Yahoo! site, not a phishing site.

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Ragnaboards Finally Up

Good news to all Philippine Ragnarok (pRO) fanatics. After being down for weeks, levelup has put up a new forum from scratch. The bad news is old members must register again to be able to login and all the old topics are gone.

Some tried to bring it down… but the Ragnaboards is here to stay.
After several weeks offline (yeah… we’re sorry dudes), the NEW and IMPROVED Ragnaboards, the official forum of pRO, is now back online!
Point your browsers at
Oh yeah, for security purposes, we had to wipe the boards clean and start anew. So y’all gotta register again. But the new Ragnaboards has tighter security, a new version of the forum software (licensed too) and is better organized (section-wise).