The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has come up with a list of “priority courses,” or those courses and jobs that are in demand in the Philippines.


The courses were identified based on manpower demands for 2011-2015, the labor market study of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) among others.

If you’re a high school student and you plan to go to college, here is CHED’s list of courses that you should take up:

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  • Engineering (mechanical, electronics, communication, metallurgical/mining, computer, biomedical, chemical, geodetic, electrical, meteorological, mining and geological);
  • Agriculture and related fields (agro-forestry, veterinary medicine, agricultural engineering, agribusiness/management, agricultural entrepreneurship, agri-tech, agriculture, fisheries);
  • Health Sciences (pharmacy, radiology technology, medical technology);
  • Teacher Education major in math, science, physics, chemistry, reading, English, educational media/technology and special education (SPED);
  • Information Technology (information technology and computing studies, multi media, animation, programming, computer science and information system management);
  • Science and Math (BS Math, BS Science and BS Physics);
  • Arts and Humanities; Atmospheric Science; and Environmental Science.

Take your pick. Again if you take up one of those courses in college, your chances of landing a job after you graduate is greater because the demand is high.