Bulagaan is one of the more popular segments of the noontime show, GMA 7’s Eat Bulaga.

It has been a part of the said show for quite some time now and has been one of the most anticipated portions by the televiewers.

It starts with a number of hosts coming up to the microphones (usually 2 or 3). They then answer the question that the teacher (usually either Joey de Leon, Vic Sotto or Tito Sotto) asks (all the hosts are told the answers beforehand to prepare for their song). The answer fits the category of what the hosts will learn. Then they do the “Knock Knock joke” and the answer is woven, with comedic effect into the song they sung. Vic Sotto and Jose Manalo, aside from singing the song from their knock knock joke, sings the Sesame Street staple Sing. Finally they spin the wheel of ten numbers from 00 to 100 and they get their score. The team with the lowest score (there can be multiple teams) stays in the jail cell in the classroom and they get “showered.” All the others throw pies at each other’s faces.

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