Electric Jeepneys make debut in Makati

The first electric-powered jeepneys (e-Jeepney) rolled off Makati City in an initial test drive.

It will be a familiar sight in Makati City’s main streets in a bold move by the city government to promote clean, renewable and cheap energy for public transport. The e-jeepney is powered by rechargeable batteries and could drive for 120 kilometers a day at a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour on an eight-hour charge. It’s estimated costs is around 550,000 pesos, has a five-horsepower engine and is capable of carrying up to 17 passengers. The daily electric charge of an e-jeepney battery would cost around P150, compared to the P800 to P1,000 fuel expense of a passenger jeepney running on gasoline or diesel.

Lazada Philippines