Ely Buendia’s Live Phone Patch Interview on Showbiz Central

Ely Buendia’s first interview on GMA Network’s Showbiz Central after the Eraserheads reunion concert and his third angioplasty.

Ely Buendia via phone patch on Showbiz Central

Pia Guanio: Kasama na po natin live via phone patch si Ely Buendia. Hi Ely!

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Ely: Hi Pia, magandang gabi.

Pia: Yes magandang gabi sayo Ely. First of all our condolences for your loss Ely and a so many questions to be answered first of which kamusta na ang kalagayan mo ngayon?

Ely: I’m still resting but a ok na, ok naman. Kailangan lang bantayan yung tulog at yung kain yung mga ganun.

Pia: Ely, we realized that na that night so many people were clamoring for that concert to happen and yet so many things befell you right before that. First, your mom’s passing and then health problems. Why did you decide to still push through with the concert despite all that.

Ely: Well, unang una yung tungkol sa mom ko yeah of course we did have the option not to continue pero well that show was for actually was for my mom dahil she was one of the reasons why I agreed to do it because my mom kumbaga is a the number one fan of the Eraserheads and she’s been a part of that band ever since, from the start to the finish so kumbaga parang ayoko nang pahintayin pa yung number one fan na si mama, baka alam mo yun magalit pa sa akin yun pag hindi tinuloy yung concert e so parang ganun.

Pia: That’s so sweet of you Ely no. That fateful night, what exactly happened nung nag intermission kayo, ano nangyari backstage Ely. Could you recount to us kung ano yung mga pangyayari?

Ely: Right after the last song of the first set, naramdaman ko yung parang di na ako makahinga so I there was an ambulance there and may medical crew so sila agad ang tinawag ko and I asked for Oxygen and when I got to my dressing room I felt ano na I felt pain in my chest tapos nun nag collapse na ako.

Pia: Atska Ely alam mo parang it was a night of opposites no at the same time as the right before that happened meron ding parang euphoria of being with the Eraserheads again tapos in front of 20 to 30 thousand fans. Ano yung feeling exactly when you guys rose up to the stage and saw all these people just wanting to see you guys again.

Ely: Hirap i-explain e. Yung adrenaline rush sobra I mean nakaupo nga lang ako dun di ko na ma-contain yung excitement and then a wala parang nilakasan ko na lang yung loob ko na hindi ako parang magka nervous breakdown on stage dahil syempre kailangan kong kumanta pero it was overwhelming talaga, the crowd, and yung energy, and the love that came from that audience.

Pia: Of course ano no, we expect syempre maraming tumitingala sayo Ely, you’re one of the Philippine music’s major icons, kinakabahan ka pa rin ah despite all your accomplishments in your professional career.

Ely: Yeah oo naman di naman nawawala yun e.

Pia: Eto lang may isang intriga lang akong itatanong sayo, everybody daw was screaming group hug and yet the band members decided na wag na lang tong pagbigyan or did you guys even hear it naintindihan nyo ba yung calls nila for a group hug?

Ely: Oo naiintindihan ko pero alam ko naman na parang ginugudtaym lang nila kami I mean I don’t think na ineexpect nila na maggu-group hug nga yung grupo kasi di naman kami ganun e.

Pia: Eto na talaga yung gusto nilang malaman gustong malaman ng sambayanang Pilipino. Meron bang magkakaron ba ng repeat concert and a is your health going to be able to accommodate a repeat concert Ely.

Ely: Yeah of course, that’s the number one thing on my mind a syempre hindi ako I’m not going to sign on to anything yet until I’m pretty sure na kaya kong alam mo yun kaya ko yung gawin ulet. So it’s a wait and see stage muna at this point.

Pia: Yun naman yata e we’ve read the interviews of your bandmates [Pupil], sa Eheads yun din ang kanilang primary concern a kamusta na ang samahan ninyong apat sa ngayon?

Ely: We’re good. Yung tatlo binisita ako sa ospital and a we’ve always been you know good friends.

Pia: Finally Ely once again we’d like to thank you for your time this afternoon for accepting our call truly we appreciate it so much.

Ely: Anytime

Pia: Ang isa na lamang, mensahe mo sa inyong fans Ely.

Ely: I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did and thank you very much to all of you for supporing us until now and sa mga hindi nakanood at sa mga na-late siguro may next time pa who knows di ba.

Pia: I’m sure kasing bitin ka rin katulad nila.

Ely: Definitely, yeah yeah bitin na bitin.

Pia: Maraming salamat. Palakpakan po natin Mr. Ely Buendia. We wish you good health Ely at sana patuloy na ang iyong pag galing.

Ely: Ok Thank You.