Embassy bar (The Fort) is back to normal — Tim Yap

Tim Yap, co-owner and events organizer of Embassy bar, provided an update on the status of their bar.

Last June, news came out that Embassy Bar and Restaurant was closing down due to an alleged brawl between a customer and a DJ, who was reported to be an employee of the said bar. “Sa Embassy, we’re fully open na. We’re fully operational. Everything is back to normal. We’re much better and security is… I mean, we made sure that Embassy is not only the most fun place to party in Manila, but it’s also the safest.” relayed Yap. He also clarified that the DJ was not an employee, “Hindi totoo ‘yon. Lumalabas nga na personnel from Embassy. Actually, he was the emcee for the night, hindi siya deejay. Mali ‘yong napabalita sa diyaryo na employee, na deejay namin. Wala kaming deejay na nambugbog. He was the emcee for that night.” Tim also added that they have made some changes, one is that they’re now encouraging customers to go out and party early so that they can also go home early and still be productive the next day.

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