Eraserheads Reunion Concert Movie

Those who missed the historical reunion concert of the Eraserheads last August 30 can now watch the filmed coverage of the event, which will be shown in theaters in Metro Manila and Cebu starting Wednesday, November 26.

“Eraserheads Reunion Concert The Movie” captures the highlights of the event — the state-of-the-art sounds and lights, the magnificent fireworks display, the 15 songs performed on a stage that cost reportedly cost 40 million pesos to build and the happy-turned-sad faces of fans who reacted to the announcement of the concert being cut short because Ely Buendia had to be taken to the hospital after experiencing chest pains.

Lazada Philippines

This is also a chance for the die-hard fans who were present in the concert to relive the moments and who knows, the cameras might have caught you and your companions screaming.