F2020 Fuel Saver is a fuel additive that comes from 80% palm oil plus 20% creative and original formula that helps to improve the fuel in the combustion area.

f2020 fuel saver

It was invented by a Filipino, Bernie Pacheco. His invention allegedly helps your engine run smoothly thus reducing its high operating temperature, wear & tear, fuel consumption, reduces maintenance cost, and pollutant emissions, which could save you 10% up to 35% on your fuel consumption. According to the product’s website, www.f2020intl.com, it is safe to use with catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, oxygenated gas and ethanol blended gasoline. Unlike, ethanol, which normally decreases engine power the F2020 fuel Saver supposedly increases engine power and performance, improve drivability and further assist in emission reduction in fuels with ethanol.

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