Fashion designer Boyet Fajardo’s controversial soundless video on YouTube has lately made the rounds of several blogs, forums, and web sites.

With his back against the surveillance camera, Fajardo was shown allegedly berating a hapless Duty Free Philippines cashier before making him kneel before him. The cashier’s sin — he politely asked for an ID because the designer presented an unsigned credit card.

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Fajardo whipped out his cellphone, threatening to call on high positioned government officials. “Mga leche kayo! Hindi niyo ako kilala? Ako si Boyet Fajardo! At itong p*t**ina na babaeng ito (pointing to a lady officer) at ang baklang ito (pointing to the cashier) ay walang kwentang mga tao! I want them fired!” he allegedly said.

When the matter was finally settled, the cashier’s superior reportedly asked Fajardo how they could make amends. Surprisingly, the designer reportedly asked him [cashier] to kneel before him. The poor cashier who was just doing his job complied.

Boyet is one of the biggest names in RTW. His Boyet Fajardo line is carried in all Robinsons stores—there are about 20 of them all over Metro Manila and in the provinces—and the Landmark. Since making the big shift from couture clothes to RTW.