Feast of the Black Nazarene – Quiapo

The Feast of the Black Nazarene (January 9) is a long-held practice of Filipino Catholics in the Philippines.

They believe that through an enduring faith in the Black Nazarene, there will be peace and harmony among families, long life and good health among people, deliverance from all calamities and disasters, and prosperity, joy, and love among nations.

Lazada Philippines

Every year thousands and even millions of devotees come to Quiapo, Manila to take part in the procession as a way of fulfilling a “panata” (vow) and as a way of strengthening their faith.

This year, Catholic officials, in an effort to lessen the dangers to devotees decided to change the route of the procession. From the traditional kick-off from the Quiapo church, the procession’s start has been moved to the Quirino Grandstand.

The route shall take the image through Burgos St., left at Taft Ave, McArthur Bridge, going to Rizal Ave, right at Claro M. Recto, right again at Legarda, right at Arlegui St., left at Quezon Blvd, right at Palanca St., right again at Villalobos towards Plaza Miranda.