Fiji national rugby union team bashes Philippine Volcanoes

“The only thing Philippines about the Philippine team playing in the Hong Kong 7s is the name of the team.”

That is according to the tweet posted by the official Twitter account (@fijirugby) of the Fiji national rugby union team nicknamed “Flying Fijians” against the national rugby union team of the Philippines, Philippine Volcanoes.

Lazada Philippines
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Both Fiji and the Philippines are competing in the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens tournament 2012 organized by the Hong Kong Rugby Union.

Other countries in the event are Samoa, England, Argentina, Kenya, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales, United States, Australia, France, Scotland, Tonga, Uruguay, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Spain, Zimbabwe, Portugal, Russia, Japan, and Guyana.

This is the Philippines’ first appearance in the Hong Kong 7’s. The 12-man Philippine team is composed of Jake Letts, Justin Coveney, Terry Carroll, Mark Chatting, Chris Hitch, Michael Letts, Joseph Matthews, Luke Matthews, Patrice Olivier, Matt Saunders, Oliver Saunders and Jake Ward.

Their names do sound like they’re foreigners but we’re pretty sure that they’re Filipinos, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to join the Philippine rugby union team.